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Last night a friend commented that tats on big asses have only one fate: they inevitably become spread out and distorted.  It’s all cute now, but 15 years from now after 2-3 babies, what will it be?


If your boyfriend took a picture like this, would you be worry about his sexuality?  I’m just saying…

Miss NJ: I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with this blog because BK Diva can’t do it anymore.  But I have decided to go it alone.  So i will be posting again starting now.  I make no promises about how often I’ll post.  I will try to do some every day but…

I’ve been at jury duty and BK Diva had a death in the family.  Alot interesting (to me) has happened over the week, so there will be quite a few posts at once.  Don’t know whether that will be today or tomorrow.

Miss NJ:  I HATE it when people wear white with off-white.  But since it’s Keisha and since she’s fashion-challenged, I give her pass.  The leather skirt is Fendi and even though she wore it yesterday (in 80-degree weather), again she gets a pass.  Someone has to be dressing her because her outfits have been much better lately.  Much better.

Miss NJ: I love these type dresses.  It could be because I look pretty good in them.  I think Rosci looks good here.  Like the dress and the shoes don’t take away, even though they don’t necesssarily add.

Miss NJ: The shoes!!!  The dress is cute, but the Granny shoes are unacceptable.  Maybe I’m missing it though.  Maybe it does go together and I don’t get it.

Miss NJ: Normally Christina kills it, but this look is Eh for her.  On others it would be great, but Christina has a higher bar than most.

Miss NJ:  Everything works, including the shoes.  The color matches her skin tone very well.  Eve’s been looking somewhat suspect lately so I am happy to see this.

Miss NJ:  This is now Star and InTouch reporting that Katie is leaving.  I so hope it’s true for her sake.