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Miss NJ:  I have never, ever understood why Traci Bingham is famous.  But let’s set that aside and talk about why she bought dick-sucking lips.  Was there a 2-for-1 special on surgeries the day she went for the new boobs?  All the money probably would have been better spent on fixing up that stringy-looking weave and tightening up that saggy neck.  And why is she showing us there’s no coke residue in her nose?

BK Diva:  LMAO.  I think you got this one covered!


One Comment

  1. Seems like another lame as loser with self esteem issues, this drunk cheap cunt use to be so beautiful now she looks like one of them things you pull up on and ask how much my dog needs A blow job. whats wrong with some people and there self esteem issues. anybody gettin surgerized or plastic surgery got self esteem issues and would be better off gettin hit by A bus if you feel so bad about yourself just step in front of A moving bus or train

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