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NY Daily News 

Damon Dash is a walking cliché. As his wife’s star power has risen, he is looking outside his marriage to boost his bruised ego.

Hip-hop mogul Dash (sans wife designer Rachel Roy) strolled into a private SoHo lounge the other night with a gaggle of young ladies, including model Irina Pantaeva.

Dash, accompanied by wing man rapper Jim Jones, rubbed and kissed his girl groupies for hours while they wiggled in his lap and pretended to fight over him.

Insiders say Dash has been pouting of late, as Roy’s star has rocketed.

“Rachel used to just be Damon’s girlfriend and Damon’s wife. Now she is the one in the spotlight and he can’t stand it,” a former colleague sniped.

By midnight, Dash and his estrogen entourage single-filed out of the bar in an impromptu conga line. No conga music was playing at the time.

Miss NJ:  Even though I am not the biggest Jay-Z fan and even though initially I thought his dumping of Dame was a true betrayal, as the dust settles I respect Jay more and more for making the hard (correct) choice.  Now all that remains is for Rachel to stop drinking the water Dame gives her.

BK Diva:  Dame Dash disgusts me and I have no comment.


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