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Miss NJ: This is my job.  Deal with it.  I would like to make a few observations: why do all the girls in the first pic have scars/dark marks on their legs?  Did the girl on the left in the second pic forget we could see her sliding her feet out the shoes?  Was the pedicure not quite right?  Koreans fucked up her feet?  In the third pic, was her inspiration “I Dream of Jeannie”?  And last but certainly not least, maybe prom wasn’t for you this year.  Since I’m pretty sure you’re coming back, why not really enjoy it next year?

BK Diva:  That was a waste of knock-off designer material.  If the founders & Louie & Gucci saw this they would re-design their brand. Hot mess! The pregnant girl I have no words cause they wouldn’t help anyway so save my breath. 



  1. Da way yall was dressed on yall prom aint even cute at all. Dats just nasty da way yall look

  2. I am a young African Americn woman and when I look at these pictures and comments I feel embarrassed and ashamed. All these women look beautiful I just feel like they think that their hips and thighs define them. Black women remember we are strong and intelligent and even though we have IT we don’t always need to display it. There is a difference between confidence and “I don’t care”. As for the comments from Miss NJ and BK, how dare you put down your fellow sisters. You should uplift them and remind them that they are beautyful without revealing so mucH. We are not Ghetto and Ghetto doesn’t define us, so don’t let it.

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