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Monthly Archives: March 2008




Miss NJ:  What happened to the girl from Celebrity Fit Club that was so proud of her curves?  Hollywood is a mind-killer.  On a positive note, I do like the short cut.  I didn’t for a long time, but it has grown on me.

BK Diva:  Why does every women feel they need to be a size 2?  Toccara looks like a bobble head doll now.  Her breasts are too big for her body now and she looks dis-proportioned.  She was curvy & sexy.  I can see toning up or losing a little bit but damn!!!  What’s up with this skank look she’s been rocking lately.  The age of the true “Model” super or otherwise is dead.





Miss NJ:  The last pic really shows the size of her butt.  And this is not all hate on Jenny.  I am actually quite impressed with how much weight she has dropped in such a short period of time.

BK Diva:  JLo looks good.  What ever she can’t work off in the gym she will have cut off on the surgent’s table.


Looks good doesn’t she?  But let’s look a little closer.


Shoulder/top of the arm is not as toned as normal.  Which is to be expected, but it does mean that the “skinny” is in the limbs and not the torso.  Which is also to be expected.


And here you can really see that she has lost all of her waist definition.  Her arm is strategically placed, but it’s not necessary because you can see the curve between her thighs, hips and waist (or lack thereof).

Miss NJ:  I am kinda picking of Jenny Lo, but that’s because a friend and I are arguing about what her post-baby body will ultimately look like.  I say, she’ll be a typical Spanish woman and become “round” as opposed to “hourglass.”  My friend thinks the curves are coming right back.  We’ll see.

BK Diva:  You will be able to get ice water in HELL before JLO let’s you catch her looking out of shape.  Like I said, whatever she can’t work off in the gym will be cut off on the surgent’s table.


Miss NJ:  I remember when Holly had those twins.  Who knew it was the beginning of a brood?  And you know that Daddy’s only girl is a princess.

BK Diva:  They have a nice looking family.  With all the craziness of hollywood & the sports scene it’s nice to see that they have been able to grow as a family and make it. 


Miss NJ:  I picked up on Romeo’s sex appeal about the time that he and Bow Wow had “beef.”  That does make me a pervert, but whatever.  He is quite tasty looking.

BK Diva:  He looks just like his Daddy & your going to jail!! LOL


Miss NJ:  I never noticed Willow’s eyes before or how much she really looks like Jada’s mini-me.  Those are some very beautiful children.

BK Diva:  Willow is going to be a heart-breaker when she get’s older. 

Miss NJ:  So, I got three out of the Final Four teams.  If had been able to trust that Kansas wouldn’t choke, I would have had four out of four, but who knew?

So, looking at the landscape, I’m actually still pretty confident with UCLA, surprisingly.  I thought UNC would become my favorite with Georgetown out of the picture, but given the way people are playing I’m okay with my choice.

I haven’t mentioned the women’s tourney because honestly it hasn’t been all that interesting.  The Elite Eight are all #1 and #2 seeds:

  • New Orleans : UNC v. LSU
  • Spokane: Maryland v. Stanford
  • Oklahoma City: Tennessee v. Texas A&M
  • Greensboro: UConn v. Rutgers

We’ll talk again next week and see if UCLA can pull it out.

BK Diva:  This is my girl Miss Jersey’s thing.  You go boo boo.


Miss NJ:  Let me say first off that we have received some inside info on B and as result have decided to show her more respect than we have been known to in the past.  But there is such a thing as being over-Photoshop’ed (look at any Mariah picture over the last 2 years).  Not only is B too skinny in this pic, but whatever they did to her face made it a different color from her body. 

BK Diva:  This is a horrible pic of B.  But again, here is society trying to make her look like a size O.  The bobble head look is not cute people.


Miss NJ:  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I haven’t been on my game today.  Sorry.  I had some real world stuff to do that took much longer than expected.  But that’s life.  Anyway, here’s a vision in white.  I must say, I really like the bob on Viv.  It gives her a grown-up sophisticated look.  I hate the shoes (again) and I’m not too fond of the jewelry either. 

BK Diva:  Viv is in desperate need of a stylist.  The bob is cute but it definitely makes her look her age or older.


Miss NJ:  Solange always looks a bit off.  She tries but nothing she wears ever really matches.  Case in point, I know the polka-dot shoes are supposed to compliment the polka-dot skirt.  But if you look the skirt is blue with white polka-dots while the shoes are more evenly blue and white polka-dots.  Distracting because your eye is drawn to the mismatch without really understanding what is off about the outfit.