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Miss NJ: Yeah, I know I said I’d wait for BK Diva to get up to speed, but I saw this.  There are so many things wrong here.  First, when did two seconds of appearing on a third-rate reality show qualify you to be anything more than a trivia answer?  And in her case, not even that.  Second, what is she selling exactly?  Is this chap stick for soon-to-be porn stars?  I really felt like I was in a very, very bad Calvin Klien ad in the beginning.  Thirdly, what is up with the knee-high tube socks and pumps?  Lastly, who directed this mess?  Who told her this was a good way to sell anything, much less something you want me to put on my mouth?  It’s pathetic what people will do to avoid an honest day’s work.

BK Diva:  What are you selling?  Ass, dick suck, bad porn tape cause it damn sure aint Lip Chap.  Chap Stick should sue your nasty ass! 


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