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from AP

Twenty-nine New Jersey students punished with two-day detentions after they used pennies to pay for their $2 lunches are getting a pardon.  Readington, NJ school superintendent Jorden Schiff informed parents in an e-mail that he has rescinded the after-school detentions.  Officials say a group of middle school students upset by their shortened lunch period paid for their meals with pennies.  Schiff gave them detentions for slowing down the lunch line and disrespecting cafeteria workers.  Schiff said the students described their actions as a prank.

Miss NJ:  Jersey folks are unique and it starts young.  I love the creativity involved in showing displeasure.  No letter writing campaign, no whining and moaning, none of that.  Instead use a tactic that gets immediate attention and results.  And in the process, make everyone else as annoyed and pissed as you are.


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