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A Nevada judge has agreed to delay O.J. Simpson’s trial on armed robbery and kidnapping charges to Sept. 8, defense lawyers said Friday.

Lawyers Yale Galanter for Simpson and John Moran Jr. for co-defendant John Ehrlich emerged from a meeting with District Court Judge Jackie Glass and said she agreed to give them more time to prepare for trial.

Simpson and co-defendants Charles Ehrlich and Clarence “C.J.” Stewart are accused of kidnapping and robbing two sports collectibles dealers peddling Simpson memorabilia at a Las Vegas hotel-casino in September.

Miss NJ:  OJ and R make sacrifices to the same heathen god.  OJ’s tossing white women into the volcano, while R is chucking pre-teens right over the edge.  But to be honest, I was impressed with that whole book thing.  He continually finds creative ways to make the Goldmans’ lives hell.  Hate the player, not the game.


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