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from AP

The South Pasadena community on the edge of Los Angeles has become a cuss-free zone.  So, if you’re headed to South Pasadena this week, be sure to turn down the volume on that Snoop Dogg CD, and , if the little old lady from Pasadena cuts you off in traffic, don’t even think about flipping her the bird.

Not that police will slap cuffs on you and haul your sorry, er, butt off to jail in light of the proclamation passed by the City Council.  But you could be shamed into better behavior by the unsettling stares of residents who take their reputation for civility seriously.

“That’s one of the main purposes of this,” Mayor Michael Cacciotti said of his city’s No Cussing Week proclamation.  “It provides us a reminder to be more civil.”

Miss NJ:  Actually this is a reminder of how idiotic people are and how they focus on entirely the wrong ish.  Not that there’s anything wrong with civility and all that, but home training is exactly that, home training.  When will people realize you cannot legislate values, SMH.


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