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It is one of Hollywood’s biggest mysteries: Did Tom Cruise actually set up auditions to find a wife? Well, according to ex-Scientologist Marc Headley, abso-Xenu-lutely! Marc, who used to produce promotional films for the religion, spoke to Britain’s News of the World and said that following Tom’s split from Penelope Cruz in 2004, the megastar told his BFF (and head of Scientology) David Miscavige that he was having trouble meeting women. So the church sent out a casting call that said, “There’s an upcoming Tom Cruise movie you might get a part in. Come for an audition.” There were of course restrictions: You had to be single, pretty and in your twenties.

While a few female Scientologists were rounded up — Traffic’s Erika Christensen and CSI: Miami‘s Sofia Milos — they were all rejected as Tom focused his attention on bigger stars. “They went for Jennifer Garner, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba, in that order,” Marc says. “Jennifer and Jessica didn’t bite but Scarlett took the bait and came in for an audition. When she arrived and found out it was the Scientology Center in Hollywood, she freaked out and didn’t do a tape…”

But Katie Holmes popped into the Scientologist’s minds because she had previously spoken out about her crush on Tom. “They got her to L.A. and introduced her to Tom. The moment he meets her, he’s enthralled with her and he told Miscavige later, “I knew immediately she was the one,” Marc says.

And they all lived happily ever after…

Miss NJ:  I want to pity Katie Holmes as a little girl who got in way over her head.  But stories like this make it hard because if you agree to do this, then what do you really think is coming next?  Hopefully her credit cards make everything worth it, but somehow I doubt it.  Oh, and since I watch CSI:Miami, there’s no way Sofia Milos was in her twenties when this call went out.  And if she was, she was 28 or 29.  Finally, how strange is Tommy?  He has millions, but can’t find a chick in Hollywood?   Hmmm….


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