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Miss NJ:  For those who don’t recognize, this is Bridget Moynahan, Tom Brady’s baby’s mama.  She looks great post-baby.  I came to love and respect Bridget when she tried to schedule her C-section on Gisele’s birthday.  That’s very gutter right there.  And I loves it!



  1. You nailed it! She is GUTTER! YUCK!

    Tom Brady has moved on from this bitter bitch and so should you!

  2. She did no such thing! She had John 5 weeks later!

  3. That’s total nonsense. You’d have to be a moron to believe it.

    Stop believing everything you read in the gossip columns.

    Bridget is a classy woman.

  4. Classless is more like it. Using your infant to gain publicity is disgusting and she is the definition of disgusting! Class is Tom Brady for even having to deal with this witch. At least he has taken the high road.

  5. How did Bridget use her infant to gain publicity? The facts are Tom dumped her AFTER finding out she was pregnant and took up with Gisele weeks later. He sold the NY apartment he shared with Bridget to buy a new one close to Gisele. The only classless one in this situation is Tom, not Bridget. He doesn’t say anything because there is nothing to say. He walked out on her, not the other way around.

    I do grant you that we know nothing about the state of that relationship at the time of the pregnancy. Bridget could have gotten pregnant just to keep him, but since they were together for 4 years I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt.

  6. What do you mean how did she use her infant to gain publicity? I suppose appearing on the cover on OK magazine, or whatever it was, with little Johns face up in the camera, with the words (in big bold letters i might add) “Life Without Daddy” underneath his face! and then it said something about how Bridget lost Tom to model Gisele. no one, even if Tom Brady is the father, was going to follow her around like they would’ve Brad & Angelina. She could have asked for a classier text on the cover, instead of making it seem like Tom is a monster and knocked her up and then left her for Gisele. move on. They were broken up for 4 months before Bridget came out and said she was pregnant. it wasnt intentional on anyones part.

    and jesus christ, will someone tell these hollywood actresses to use birth control. im sure they can afford it if millions of women, who aren’t movie stars making millions of dollars, can. this is why bridget and jessica alba seem desperate for a marriage.

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