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from AP

At least one in four teen girls nationwide has a sexually transmitted disease.

A virus that causes cervical cancer, HPV, is by far the most common sexually transmitted infection in teen girls aged 14 to 19, while the highest overall prevalence is among black girls — nearly half the blacks studied has at least one STD.  That rate compared with 20 percent among whites and Mexican-Americans, the study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.  About half of the girls acknowledged having sex; among them, the STD rate was 40 percent.

The CDC’s Dr. Kevin Fenton said given that STDs cab cause unfertility and cervical cancer in women, “screening, vaccination and other prevention strategies for sexually active women are among our highest public health priorities.”

The study is an analysis of US respresentative data on 838 girls who participated in a 2003-2004 study.

Miss NJ:  As the title states, we need a new day in the US.  A while back Frontline did a show on an STD epidemic in a ritzy suburb of Atlanta among middle school students who were participating in orgies after school.  What will it take for this country to realize that the responsible way to handle this problem is to educate (not horrify and disgust) teenagers about STDs and sex.  So, if there is a teen girl in your life that you care about, please teach her how to propoerly use a condom, make her feel empowered and not ashamed to buy them and tell her that not using one can result in worse things than pregnancy. 


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  1. My mom and I have responded to this epidemic by creating a product… JUST IN CASE – an intimacy compact for women. Looks like a makeup compact and has a secret compartment for two condoms. A great way to break the ice for the condom talk. It is a tool to empower women to carry their own protection in a chic and discreet way. I agree that we need to arm our teens and young women with knowledge and a solid sense of “self” so they will choose when sex will serve them and not some teenage boy.

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