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MTV’s latest reality show, Rock the Cradle, premieres on Thursday, April 3 at 10p.  It’s a singing competition with a twist.  The contestants are all sons or daughters of an established musician.  Each week the celebrity offspring will rehearse with accomplished producers, songwriters and choreographers before performing live in front of a studio audience and panel of judges.  Home viewer votes will ultimately determine which contestant receives the grand prize of a recording contract.

Here is the full list of contestants:

  • Jesse Money, daughter of Eddie Money
  • Jesse Blaze Snider (pic on right), son of Dee Snider
  • Lara Johnston, daughter of Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers
  • A’Keiba Burrell-Hammer, daughter of MC Hammer
  • Landon Brown (pic on left), son of Bobby Brown
  • Lil Al B Sure, son of Al B Sure
  • Crosby Loggins, son of Kenny Loggins
  • Chloe Rose Lattanzi (pic on bottom), daughter of Olivia Newton-John
  • Lucy Walsh, daughter of Joe Walsh of the Eagles

Miss NJ:  I know you must have noticed by now that we don’t discuss much reality TV.  It’s not that we don’t watch, but more that there’s nothing worth talking about.  Flavor of Love is old; I Love NY is tacky; America’s Top Model is stale; you get the point.  But this ish right here has potential.  Why you ask?  Well, if any of these posers had talent they wouldn’t be on an MTV show trying to get a record deal.  This means we are in for some bad, bad singing.  I can get with the idea of the maybe rich and desparately-want-to-be-famous making complete fools of themselves.  The other reason this appeals to me is the cast list: Landon AND Lil Al?!?!?  Be still my heart.  Add Chloe and A’Keiba and this is must see tv for me.  So, starting on April 3, every week we’ll rock the cradle together.  It’ll be fun.  (Is Landon really in a hotel room taking pics of himself?  This could be more fun than originally thought.)


One Comment

  1. Thanks for the info.

    I’ll be watching that.

    Too bad, little britney spears can’t join the show yet.

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