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Miss NJ:  Vanessa Williams and her daughter, Sasha Fox.  I only wish to address one thing: the arch in her eyebrow.  Notice that it’s the same in every picture, in spite of her facial expression.  Now I’m fan from way back (I got work to do. I got a job, baby) and I think Vanessa is one of the few Hollywood women aging well, but I have to talk about this.  It clearly looks like one side of her face is more “done” than the other, resulting in the lifted eyebrow.  The wrinkles around the lifted eye are less than the wrinkles around the other one.  She either needs to stop and let things settle a bit (my suggestion, if anyone cares) or she needs to work on the other side a little more.  Although two eyebrows like that would probably look worse.

Usually we don’t talk about kids ’cause that’s mean, but I want to point out that Sasha has some big feet.  I know her daddy is Rick Fox, so she probably didn’t have a chance but still I hope she grows into them a bit.


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