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Sean “Diddy” Combs and Christopher Wallace, aka Notorious B.I.G., knew in advance that slain rapper Tupac Shakur was going to be attacked in 1994, The Los Angles Times has learned.

The two rappers did not plan the attack but were told about it in advance, said Times reporter Chuck Philips.  One of those who planned the attack is the son of an alleged capo in the colombo family, according to the report.

Combs and Wallace both denied any involvement in the attack at Quad Recording Studio in Manhattan.  A representative for Combs could not be reached yesterday.

Shakur was jumped in 1994 as he entered the studio, where Combs was working on an upper floor, according to Philips’ report.  Shakur was shot five times but survived.  The online-only investigative report lats out the events that fueled the feud between East Coast and West Coast hip-hop artists and culminated in the murders of Shakur in 1996 and Wallace in 1997.

To read the complete report, go to the Los Angeles Times website,

Miss NJ:  The LA Times is forever digging up old dramas in hip-hop and trying to make new news out of them.  People have known everything in this story for what, a decade now.  It is not new news that Puff and Big knew about the shooting.  When it happened everyone said they knew what was going to happen.  Actually didn’t Pac himself say they knew about it?  There was no unsolved mystery here.  This is highly irresponsible news reporting simply because the story has no other purpose than to disparage the dead (Biggie) and cast unnecessary suspicion on the living (Puff).  But what else is new in the world of white people when it comes to accurately representing hip-hop.


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