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David Caruso’s ego has grown just as big as the ratings for his hit CBS show, “CSI: Miami.” On-set sources say he rewrites every scene he’s in and instructs the director on how to do his job.

According to e-mails sent to, “[Caruso] can’t walk and talk at the same time – you should see him on stairs. He requires dozens of takes for simplest line readings and can’t even put his ‘CSI’ gloves on on camera. He will cuss uncontrollably, often in front of a child actor, and blame everyone but himself for his inability to act.”

The insider continued, “He rewrites every scene he is in, so he is totally to blame for the hackneyed one-liners. He will take anything the writers give him and destroy it. And the sunglasses bit is all his, a truly innovative contribution to his character. But as he said to us many times, ‘What should I do? I am a grown man with red hair.’

“We used to call the Diet Coke his ‘acting juice,’ and he once asked the director of photography to make it seem like he was flying to the crime scene, explaining that [his character] Horatio is actually a mythical superhero. For real.”

Another on-set spy added: “Caruso asks when, in the scene, there will be a close-up of the sunglasses – in every scene.”

But an ally of Caruso fumed, “David’s one-liners and sunglasses have become branded and are iconic TV moments. Everyone from Jim Carrey to David Letterman has joined the bandwagon parodying them. David headlined last year’s CBS upfront presentation delivering the entire CBS lineup with his one-liners and wearing sunglasses. Justifying his acting ability is ridiculous.

“David has been working opposite Richard Gere, Russell Crowe and Robert De Niro and headlines a top-rated TV series. It is clear his acting speaks for itself.”

As for alleged indiscretions on-set, the ally adds, “Occasionally spitting or cursing on the set? Well, find me an adult male – or female, for that matter – who hasn’t done that. All in all, ‘CSI: Miami’ is a hugely successful show, and for David, his life is all about the show and his kids.”

Caruso’s rep declined to comment.

Miss NJ:  I admit that I watch CSI:Miami just to see David Caruso’s schtick.  So, I can relate to the “ally of Caruso.”  However, that does not mean he’s a good actor; it just means I like bad TV.  This whole scenario is funny because I can clearly get the mental picture that goes with it.  But if he really thinks Horatio is a mythical superhero, that’s not bad acting and someone needs to check and see what else is in the Diet Coke can.



  1. But if he really thinks Horatio is a mythical superhero, that’s not bad acting and someone needs to check and see what else is in the Diet Coke can.


    Cursing and swearing in front of small kids is no way to behave. Caruso is a dork

  2. David Caruso is being stalked by an Austrian national, Gabriele Huber. After threatening to murder David Caruso last summer, this woman was arrested and denied entry into the U.S. She fled to Mexico and the FBI aided Austrian law enforcement in her capture. See The National Enquirer, Nov. 12, 2007 page 50 for more details on her arrest.

    Residing in Austria, Huber uses her laptop to plant rumors and fabrications all over the Internet. The most recent name that she has used is “Onsetsnitch” and she is heavily promoting her latest rumor about Caruso’s on-set behavior. NONE OF IT IS TRUE.

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