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Bridget Moynahan snuck into a Hollywood screening last night with a guy who rivals Tom Brady’s power (off the field): management mogul Guy Oseary, to be precise.

At the season two opener for FX’s The Riches, the football player’s former girlfriend managed to elude press when entering the episode viewing at the Pacific Design Center, where Bridget, 36, came to support funnyman Eddie Izzard and mom-to-be Minnie Driver.

Concealing her face with a gray Jeff cap and sporting simple black pants with a matching vest, the Sex and the City star kept her head down and successfully slipped past photogs on the red carpet (until she posed for a quick snap with Driver).

After the show, Guy, who manages Madonna and Lenny Kravitz, introduced the actress around to Riches exec producers before heading off to the parking garage together.

Miss NJ:  That’s Guy Oseary in the pic.  I have never really thought Tom Brady was all that.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t get why women swoon; he’s just not my particular flavor of stud.  But the cutie above, I get all the way.  You go, girlfriend!



  1. The cutie above? OKAY, if you like Borat! LOL!!!! Tom Brady is a Porsche and this guy (who is married by the way) is a Pinto in comparison!

  2. You must like your men pretty and dumb. I prefer a man with conversational abilities. Guy may very well be married, but not my point. My point is he’s a better choice for Bridget than Tom. All hero worship aside, Tom has behaved very poorly towards Bridget. Whether you like her or not.

  3. If Brady had been there for Bridget during the pregnancy and then been there for their child, AND waited till after the birth to start a new relationship, I wouldn’t have a problem with him. He acted like a hormone-driven teenager instead of a man. He can win every award known to mankind and it’ll never make up for dropping the ball on this one.

  4. You go Bridget!!

  5. I like people of integrity myself and I find Tom to be a man of integrity. Cindy, you have no idea what transpired between Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan. I do know that she claimed she wanted a baby over and over again and I do know that when they broke up she issued what seemed to be amicable press release. Men do not stop living when a former girlfriend announced a pregnancy. Tom and Gisele waited over a full year to make an official public appearance and that was last week in NYC. Other than that, any other pictures of them together were stolen papparazzi moments. I think he handled the situation as best he could. I really admire him as an athlete and more as a person. Bridget meanwhile was up to something from the start in planning a pregnancy, moving 3000 miles from the father, giving the baby her own last name and then posing on a tabloid with her innocent infant to get publicity for herself. Honestly, she is the one without integrity and needs to stop feel so darn sorry for herself. Tom did not want a child, but at least he has acknowledged him and embraced this situation as best he can and with the impossible distance between them in location and in spirit!

  6. Thank you Miss New Jersey..well said…It amazes me that some women “worship” loser Brady..He is definately not a “real” man..Like you stated, he treated Bridget badly and is totally ignoring HER son..which is also a part of him..Cannot understand women accepting this..What if it was one of them instead of Bridget, how would they feel? Happiness to Bridget and John…

  7. Another thing, what makes these people think Bridget is “feeling sorry” for herself..Her actions certainly do not make this a fact..She has moved on with her life with dignity and class..Not Brady, he has moved on with trash..

  8. Hello?!

    “Tom and Gisele waited over a full year to make an official public appearance and that was last week in NYC.”

    Has Lisa been living under a rock?!?!?

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