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Has-been comic Pauly Shore wants to be black!

Why? Well, here’s what he told a reader of (see the video below): “I need to be black, because if I was black, I’d be doing good. I mean, all the black comedians are doing good.

“You have [D.L.] Hughley, you have Monique, Cedric the Entertainer, Martin Lawrence, Charlie Murphy… Yeah, [Charlie’s] funny. But the reason why he’s even working is because what?”

Pauly, 40, has an answer to his own question: “White people are screwed. Especially in my industry, they’re screwed. White people are going to be picking cotton within, like, literally within three years.”

If that weren’t offensive enough, Pauly also drags presidential candidate Barack Obama into his rant: “Do you understand? If you look at their presidential race, right now, who’s their No. 1 candidate? Barack Obama, who is… black!”

Miss NJ:  I’m going to try and put the video up a little later.  I’m a bit busy now and can’t work with it.  Barack is really bringing all the hate to the forefront isn’t he?  All of sudden blacks have it good in America?  What-the-f*ck-ever.

UPDATE:  I could not get the video to play.  Sorry.

UPDATE II: Finally, the video.  This is a ridiculous rant that you have to see to believe.


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