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from NOW Magazine


Katie is panicking that she can’t give Tom a second child

Katie Holmes has been desperately trying to get pregnant to please Tom Cruise, but despite her best efforts she still hasn’t managed to conceive.

The actress wanted to try IVF, but Now has learnt that her appeals to Tom to try fertility treatment have fallen on deaf ears – because Scientologists disapprove of it.

Tom, 45, who with ex-wife Nicole Kidman adopted two children – Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13 – seeks Scientology advice on all aspects of family life.

This is making matters very difficult for Katie, 29.

‘Katie’s concerned about Suri being lonely as she’s kept in a bit of a Scientology bubble. She wants her to have a playmate,’ a friend tells Now .

‘Tom keeps telling her to focus on Scientology methods of creating “positive energy” to become pregnant, which he’s convinced worked the first time around, but Katie’s losing patience.

Scientology doesn’t actually forbid fertility treatment, but it’s frowned upon.


Miss NJ:  How long you think before Katie grabs Suri and makes a run for it?  I can’t imagine she can handle much more of Tom.  I used to like Tom; before he showed the world how bat-sh*t crazy he really is.


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