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from The National Ledger 


There were reports before Super Bowl XLII that if New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady completed the greatest season in NFL history with a win over the New York football Giants that he would propose to Supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen and they would head to the islands for a beautiful wedding.

Unfortunately for Patriots fans, those pesky New York Giants got in the way and won the game at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona 17-14 with a late fourth quarter touchdown.

So is that the reason that the two aren’t hitched?  Probably not.  A report from OK! Magazine examines it a little deeper and has this short item published this week on the would be husband and wife.

After more than a year of full-on-inseparable dating, Tom, 30, and Gisele, 27, have us wondering why they won’t get married.”  Here’s the answer, according to the magazine’s sources and it has nothing to do with the upset in the Super Bowl:  “Tom wants to wait until his son [John, with ex Bridget Moynahan] will understand what’s going on.”  A pal of the couple tell OK!  “He wants him to be a part of the wedding and make sure Bridget is on board.”

Miss NJ:  If this is really what he’s telling Gisele and she’s buying it, then models really are dumb.  His child is an infant, by the time he gets to “understanding” he’ll be what, 5?  As I type, I’m laughing at all the people out there who want to claim Brady is such a good guy.  He’s a typical dog, no better (or worse) than Derek Jeter.  The only difference is Tom hides his doggishness by serial dating.  Oh, and picture Bridget being on board.  Yeah, that’s gonna happen.



  1. Dating Bridget for 3 years and now Gisele for over a year is hardly serial dating. The man is committed to Gisele as he once was with Bridget. See there is this thing called class and Tom Brady has it, plenty of it! He does not fall for traps like Bridgie planned for him with her baby game. Tom has taken the high road repeadedly meanwhile Bridgie posed on OK! with her 5 week old infant for the publicity. So who is really the gross one here?

  2. And he had a long-term girlfriend before Bridget, didn’t he? So what is your point? That he can’t be a dog? My point is that Tom behaves no better than a dog, despite having long-term girlfriends.

    You keep talking about Bridget using her baby, but all she did was grant an interview to a celebrity magazine that paid her. Do you think Nicole Richie is gross? Jennifer Lopez? Christina Aguilara? You need to get over it. Bridget is a celebrity in her right and OK! caters to celebrities.

    In the end, nothing you can say will change the fact that Tom left Bridget to go through the pregnancy alone.

  3. Thanks for telling it like it is, Miss NJ

  4. Thank you miss new jersey…you are soooo right…

  5. Miss NJ, love your comments. He thinks he’s GOD but he’s really just a DOG!!!

    No, Bridget did not grant an interview in OK, she just released pictures of her son. She has yet to speak on the issue of the DOG. And definitely inexcusable to let an ex of 3 years go through pregnancy, birth and raising a child alone. So Glad the GIANTS beat the Patriots in SB – because from that day on, Bridget got her life back. The media no longer excuses him from not seeing his son and are calling him out on it.

    But what’s good is that Bridget no longer needs him, she’s doing fine on her own with support of her family and true friends. As you can see the Gruesome Twosome have no friends.

  6. Hey lisa…your gross list can also include brad pitt and angie jolie…bridget did not give an interview, just pics and gave the money to charity..

  7. Great blog Miss Jersey! Shame on Tom Brady for how he treated Bridget during her pregnancy, at the birth, and now by ignoring his own son. What is he thinking? Why would any woman date a man that treats the mother of his child the way he treated Bridget.

  8. FINALLY! People are starting to get it…this guy is a loser, and the only ones that seem to take his side are horny teens and married women not gettin’ it at home. Bridget released first pics of John and donated the money to charity…ALL of it. The pics would have gotten taken anyway, why not have the money go for a good cause? She refused to be interviewed for the piece. His groupies can sugar-coat it any way they like, but it will never change the fact that Tom Brady kicked his pregnant gf to the curb so he could screw around with a Brazilian Bimbo. Now he ignores his own son for her.

  9. Lisa,
    Ignoring your child when you have an ample amount of free time on your hands (Tom Brady does because it’s his off-season) is not classy. If your idol did not want a child, then he could have worn a condom. One would think that he, of all people, could afford some.

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