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Miss NJ:  Boxing is another one of my favorite sports and next month is going to be a good one.  I included the PPV just because.

April 12: Cotto v. Gomez and Cintron v. Margarito

This is interesting as the set-up fight for Cotto v. Margarito.  Margarito keeps talking ish about people ducking him so we’ll see if he can back it up by first beating Cintron, which is not an easy task.

April 19: Hopkins v. Calzaghe

I have been waiting for this ever since Calzaghe fixed his mouth to call Bernard out.  He’s going to quickly realize that Bernard is no Jeff.  There won’t be a knockout but Bernard will win and hang that first L on Calzaghe.

May 31: Mosely v. Judah

The only problem with this fight is it’s PPV.  Who’s paying to see this?  Really?  I like Zab and he really helped his career out with his fight against Cotto.  This has the potential to be very interesting but as neither man holds a title or is likely to in the near future, I’m not paying.


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