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Miss NJ:  I’m not doing too badly.  With the exception of Georgetown, my brackets are okay going into this weekend.  And it’s hard to be too mad about the Georgetown upset (easy for me to say, I don’t have any money involved) since Stephen Curry is showing people that a good jumper may very well be hereditary.

So, to recap:

  • East Region: My only wrong pick was Notre Dame, but you notice that I had reservations about them going in, so not surprised.
  • Midwest Region:  Wrong picks were Georgetown and Vanderbilt.  I’m upset about the Vandy choice because a couple of people told me to pick ‘Nova and I didn’t.
  • South Region: Wrong picks were Pittburgh and Marquette.  Marquette was another team I had reservations about, so I’m not surprised by Stanford.  Pitt losing to Michigan State, however, is a shocker to me.  I really thought the Panthers had Sweet Sixteen in them this year.
  • West Region: The only wrong pick was UConn.  Another “what the #$&!% ?!?!?” moment in the tournament.  I knew UConn wasn’t ready this year for some reason, but I didn’t realize they were this unfocused.

I will discuss the women’s tournament too.  It’s just that the women don’t get interested until the round of sixteen because they generally run true to seeding.  There aren’t that many upsets in the first two rounds of the women’s tourney.  Wednesday, I’ll make my choices for the women.


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