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Miss NJ:  Now ordinarily I have love for women who don’t wear layers of makeup every time they leave the house.  In this case, however, an exception must be made because Free looks a hot mess right here.  It’s not only that we can see the bumps on her forehead rather clearly; but also the fact that she’s colorless with no makeup on.  I’ve noticed this about Free before, she needs makeup, particularly eye makeup to look presentable.  This doesn’t mean I don’t think Free’s pretty without makeup, but that she’s more complete looking with it.

Two asides: 1) I’m going to refrain from commenting on the nest that appears to be her hair; and 2) does LaLa ever take a picture looking sober?  I’m not saying LaLa is drunk, but I am saying that that lazy eye of hers is a bit distracting.


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