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Looks good doesn’t she?  But let’s look a little closer.


Shoulder/top of the arm is not as toned as normal.  Which is to be expected, but it does mean that the “skinny” is in the limbs and not the torso.  Which is also to be expected.


And here you can really see that she has lost all of her waist definition.  Her arm is strategically placed, but it’s not necessary because you can see the curve between her thighs, hips and waist (or lack thereof).

Miss NJ:  I am kinda picking of Jenny Lo, but that’s because a friend and I are arguing about what her post-baby body will ultimately look like.  I say, she’ll be a typical Spanish woman and become “round” as opposed to “hourglass.”  My friend thinks the curves are coming right back.  We’ll see.

BK Diva:  You will be able to get ice water in HELL before JLO let’s you catch her looking out of shape.  Like I said, whatever she can’t work off in the gym will be cut off on the surgent’s table.


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