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Monthly Archives: April 2008

I’ve been at jury duty and BK Diva had a death in the family.  Alot interesting (to me) has happened over the week, so there will be quite a few posts at once.  Don’t know whether that will be today or tomorrow.


Miss NJ:  I HATE it when people wear white with off-white.  But since it’s Keisha and since she’s fashion-challenged, I give her pass.  The leather skirt is Fendi and even though she wore it yesterday (in 80-degree weather), again she gets a pass.  Someone has to be dressing her because her outfits have been much better lately.  Much better.

Miss NJ: I love these type dresses.  It could be because I look pretty good in them.  I think Rosci looks good here.  Like the dress and the shoes don’t take away, even though they don’t necesssarily add.

Miss NJ: The shoes!!!  The dress is cute, but the Granny shoes are unacceptable.  Maybe I’m missing it though.  Maybe it does go together and I don’t get it.

Miss NJ: Normally Christina kills it, but this look is Eh for her.  On others it would be great, but Christina has a higher bar than most.

Miss NJ:  Everything works, including the shoes.  The color matches her skin tone very well.  Eve’s been looking somewhat suspect lately so I am happy to see this.

Miss NJ:  This is now Star and InTouch reporting that Katie is leaving.  I so hope it’s true for her sake.

Miss NJ: I really like this dress.  She shouldn’t be wearing it, since it’s obviously too big.  It would look great on someone the right size.  Why do these chicks dress like Norma Desmond?  Did someone tell them washed-up, Valium-addicted old lady was swexy? 

Miss NJ:  FIrst things first, that’s an almost miss for Posh.  I don’t really like the dress but the shoes save the outfit.  Now, is Cruz giving the finger or not?  I say no, the camera just happened to click at the moment.  But still…

The Mirror (UK) is reporting that Jay and B had their first married folk fight.  He dissed one of her songs during a performance and she stalked off pissed.  Of course they kissed and made up later. 

Miss NJ: And that’s today’s Jay-Z and Beyonce report.  Tune in tomorrow when we report what color B’s morning sh*t was.  Ridiculous that this is news.