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As many as nine third-grade students got together and plotted to harm their teacher, even going so far as to bring handcuffs and a knife to school, Waycross police said.

School officials at Center Elementary School, which is located on Dorothy Street in Waycross, said they never imagined that some of the 8- and 9-year-olds boys and girls at the school would think of bringing physical harm to a teacher.

“A plan had been developed amongst several of our third-grade students to allegedly do harm to their teacher,” said Theresa Martin, of Ware County Schools. 

Martin said the plot was uncovered when one student saw a knife in the backpack of another student.

“It’s shocking that they would think of this at their young age. I think that is probably the most shocking part for all of us,” Martin said.

In addition to the knife being found, the school officials said other students had duct tape, handcuffs, ribbon and a heavy crystal paperweight.

Although officials said they believe the students were plotting to hurt their teacher, they did not know how far the kids were planning to take the alleged scheme.

The police chief in Waycross told Channel 4 he believes the plan may have been developed because one of the students was punished with some sort of time out. However, that theory remains under investigation.

“I can’t believe that — because he’s a third-grader. You know, I cannot believe that. Especially, for here,” said parent Doris Rowland.

The nine students suspected in the plot to harm the teacher have been suspended until the police investigation is completed. The kids could face expulsion pending the investigation.

Authorities could also ask prosecutors to press conspiracy charges against the youngsters accused of being involved in the plot.

Miss NJ: As I read this story a few things came to mind, most importantly, what did this teacher do that made these kids plot on her like this?  They say punishment of the time out variety, but there has to be more to this situation than that.  Kids get time out all the time and being denied recess hasn’t set 3rd graders off before.  So what are the details?  We also need to know more about the kids involved.  Do they live in the same neighborhood, same block, etc?  That’s important because if the group is close-knit then they need to be separated.  Or this will happen again.  Finally, this is why children should be outside riding bikes, playing hopscotch, tag, kickball, etc.  Playing video games all the time leads to this type of behavior.  I don’t blame the video game, but I do say that it frames the thinking and the choice set for children to include violent responses as acceptable behavior.

BK Diva:  I agree to some level but video games are not the only culprit here.  Movies, television, music, children being raised as adults and knowing grown folks business adds to this chaos as well. 


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