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Yankee legend Mickey Mantle may have scored a home run with America’s perennial movie virgin. In his upcoming tell-all, “Doris Day: the Untold Story of the Girl Next Door,” David Kaufman says the perky star met the skirt-chasing Mick when he did a cameo in her 1962 flick “That Touch of Mink.” After Day became “a free agent” when her marriage to Martin Melcher crumbled, Mantle homed in. “A notorious womanizer, Mantle boasted to friends that not only had he slept with Day at his regular suite in New York’s St. Moritz Hotel, but that she was ‘one of the best [bleeps] of his life,’ ” Kaufman writes. A spokeswoman for Day, who turned 84 last week, said the actress would have no comment.

Miss NJ:  There’s no such thing as a secret in Hollywood, if there’s money involved in the telling.  What is the point of telling this now other than selling some extra copies of his book?  Some publicity ploys are so obvious.  And pathetic.

BK Diva:  I really did not need to know that this old hoe has good pussy!


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