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from NY Daily News

Tom Brady is bonding with his baby son, but he’s still not on speaking terms with his baby-mama ex, Bridget Moynahan. The Patriots QB and his gal, Gisele Bundchen, visited L.A. to spend time with infant John last week, but Moynahan made sure nannies did all the handing over, reports Us Weekly.

Miss NJ:  No, this pic has nothing to do with the post, but it caught my eye.  Mostly because it shows how big Tom’s legs are.  A good thing.  So, the stepmonster got to spend quality time with John.  Interesting.  But Tom and Bridget are still not speaking.  Guess that wedding isn’t taking place anytime soon.

BK Diva:  I give it up to Tom.  He has a strong ego for a man, especially being that TMZ has dubbed him “Errand Boy”  Maybe next year he’ll live up to his hype & get his balls back.



  1. Is Tom waiting on approval from Bridget to marry Gisele? Why do he expect Bridget to be on speaking terms with him after what he did to her? He did not give her any support during the pregnancy last year. He need to back off and marry Gisele without the approval from Bridget.

  2. the story just dont sound right gisele and tom where in CA for a photo shoot they got there on monday and left on wednesday to me that is not bonding with your son all this stories are his pr trying to make tom look good in people eyes again which is not going to happen did no one fall for the story

  3. Tom sees his son when he can or is allowed! He did not want a kid or Bridget for that matter. Face it, it’s her kid and he is like an uncle. He is doing the best he can and is a great guy!

  4. Yeah Lisa, a real great guy to desert a woman he was with for about 3 years and her being pregnant with HIS child regardless of the “what happened”..And Brady is not even a good uncle as you call him instead of a dad, which he isn’t..Like to see how you would deal with the situation if it were you Brady deserted along with HIS child..You sound like an idiot..Bridget is pure class..

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