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Miss NJ:  I am amazed at how this chick stays relevant.  What does she do that she should be on the cover of King?  I definitely respect her game (remember, it’s not the player you hate).  Dudes lose their minds over this “old ho.”  Those are not my words, but I think they accurately reflect who Stacy is (and was).  And she gets no dap from me for being 42 and able to hang her ass out like that; mostly because none of the 42-year-old women I know would do this trifling ish.  Have we reached the point as Black women where we’re going to disrespect ourselves into our 40’s?  Pretty soon there’ll be Granny spreads for the hottest 65 year old.  Watch.

BK Diva:  Lawd have mercy!  King Magazine must be running out of women to feature dragging this old hoe out the wood works!  And when did Stacy get a ass like that……surgery must be nice!!!  Stacy please try between 45 – 48.  


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