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Jay and B got married.  Is everybody happy now?  Sheesh!

Miss NJ: I do not know why I had to do a post about something that can be found anywhere else on the ‘Net.  But for those who thought I was off my game because I didn’t comment, here you go.  I paid this no mind because they had enough hype and publicity without me.  Also because I don’t really understand all the hoopla. (via the has a post about the “mainstream” “urban” A-list.  Both of those words bother me and I could write a whole post about code words, but I’ll save it for a better moment.  Anyway, the “urban” A-list only has six people on it (you have to go to her site to see all the names), two of whom are Jay and B.  Now I didn’t think they were “mainstream” A-list.  But perhaps that’s because I view A-list as Brad and  Angie, Julia Roberts, you know A-list.  I really see Jay and B as like A1-list, if that.  I based my view on the backlash Beyonce got from her SI cover and the confusion caused by Jay’s Budweiser commerical during Monday Night Football.  If you know about either of those, then you know that most white people are not checking for them at all.  They are popular within a certain (narrow) demographic.  That’s not A-list.

BK Diva:  Congratulations to the couple if it did indeed go down.  What was interesting to me about that list and about Jay & B in particular is that they are A List as a couple.  White magazines & hollywood could care less about them as individuals.  So I guess they’ll be together forever!


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