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Miss NJ:  My favorite line in the article about Posh’s trip to the Staples Center: “With a look of intense concentration on her face, Posh vainly tried hard to follow just what was going on.”   What are they trying to say exactly?  She was doing her wifely duty here.  All women do it; you know, pretend to care about something that really excites their man just ’cause he likes it so much, not because they actually give a damn.  But you see that she rewarded herself with a shopping trip.  I wonder if that’s their deal, everytime she has to do something she doesn’t want to because he wants her to, she gets a shopping trip?  Not a bad deal.  She coordinates so well: the bag, the shoes work so well with the dress and keep a fairly nondescript grey dress from being blah.

BK Diva:  Posh always brings her A game when it comes to the clothes darling!


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