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Miss NJ: I know you heard that Carmelo Anthony got arrested for a DUI last night, but did you also hear that LaLa refused to pick him up from the police station?  Supposedly (according to SandraRose) ‘Melo has a chick on the side that LaLa’s tired of seeing.  So, this is how I imagine the call from the cops went with LaLa:

Police: Hello.  Is this Ms. Vasquez?

LaLa: Yes.  Who is this? (with attitude; ’cause remember it’s waaaayyyy after the game, so it’s late)

Police: This is Denver Police.  We have Carmelo here.  We picked him up on a DUI and we can’t let him drive himself home.  When can you come get him?

LaLa:  Tell him to call that bitch.  (hangs up the phone)

So, now LaLa’s at home thinking about Carmelo has to spend the night in jail and how it serves him right, etc. and so forth.  But little did she know that the cops decided to give ‘Melo a ride home.  So, imagine her shock when the boy from B’more showed up maybe an hour later.  I’m pretty sure he slammed the ish out of that door.  And the argument?!  If it were me, we’d probably talk through a door until I was sure I wasn’t getting hit. 

And before anyone starts about beating women and all that, I do not advocate domestic violence nor do I think that men should be allowed to hit women.  But everyone is human and a man in this situation is going to be more than a little pissed.  So, it’s probably very quiet in the Anthony home today.  Very, very quiet.

BK Diva:  LaLa just signed her own death warrant.  I don’t care how mad you are at your man you do not leave his ass in jail!  And she wonders why she’s just a baby’s mama!!!


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