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Crushed by the weight of her marriage to Tome Cruise, Katie Holmes is striking out on her own — and she’s determined to take their daughter, Suri, with her to New York City. But insiders say that Tom’s having none of it.


In the new issue of Star — on newsstands now — we report on the latest at Camp Cruise. According to our sources, Katie, who was offered a role on Broadway, is trying to break away from her controlled life under the watchful eyes of her husband and move to Manhattan in what will be a sort of trial separation.


“She desperately needs to be on her own for a while, but there’s no way Tom is going to let her take Suri away,” an insider tells Star. “There’s no way he’ll allow it. He just doesn’t want Katie — or Suri — out of his sight for long. He told her that if she goes to New York, fine, but he goes with her.”


Further, the couple’s tug of war over their daughter has intensified as of late.


“Tom wants to call all the shots when it comes to Suri,” says an insider. “He has a lot of rules, and there’s conflict.”

Miss NJ:  Could be it be true?  Could Katie be almost free?  The only reason I care anything about this story is because it’s obvious that Katie’s in over her head.  If she was Tom’s equal (like Nicole) then I wouldn’t care so much.  But I get the distinct feeling he picked someone so much younger than himself for control purposes and she didn’t know what it was until it was too late to get out easily (i.e., after getting pregnant).


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