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from InTouch Weekly

According to InTouch Weekly, Eddie’s been dating this chick, Lara LaRue, sister to Eva LaRue.  She’s a waitress at Sushiya in LA.

Miss NJ: Now there’s a lot wrong with this, first they say Eddie’s “in love”.  Wasn’t he “in love” with Scary?  And then, wasn’t Tracey the answer to his dreams?  I’m starting to think Nicole deserves an Oscar or something for the years she put in.  Second, they say this chick is 25.  Okay.  She’s 30, if she’s a day.  Finally and most importantly, did Johnny sign off?  ‘Cause you see what happens when Eddie gets a chick he doesn’t like: that b*tch has to go!


One Comment

  1. I’m a fan of smooth looking Eddie M. But lately it almost seems as if he gets alot of bad press. I don’t know if he’s trying to hide the fact that he’s supposely Bi-sexual or straight up gay??? What i would say is he’s a single man with lots and lots of money have your fun Eddie and try and avoid getting HIV….. This chick looks like nothing he should have went after her sister instead!!


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