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The Mirror (UK) is reporting that Jay and B had their first married folk fight.  He dissed one of her songs during a performance and she stalked off pissed.  Of course they kissed and made up later. 

Miss NJ: And that’s today’s Jay-Z and Beyonce report.  Tune in tomorrow when we report what color B’s morning sh*t was.  Ridiculous that this is news.


from NY Daily News

Are the celebrity media racist?

A top tabloid editor tells me that Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s wedding was played down by the weeklies because “African-Americans don’t sell covers.”

Of the big five celebrity glossies out midweek, only Us Weekly gave Beyoncé the top spot on the cover. Other magazines gave her second billing to the likes of Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston.

“None of the magazines landed an exclusive on wedding pictures, which would have made the story bigger,” said one tabloid insider, justifying why Beyoncé was relegated to a small cover box on his magazine.

But even wedding photos make less money for black stars, says another source. “Eva Longoria can get $1 million for wedding photos, but without the expectation of cover sales, Beyoncé might have gotten as little as $250,000 if she had sold hers,” says a top editor.

Magazine publisher and black gossip pioneer Flo Anthony responds: “That sounds to me a very racist statement. Beyoncé is one of the biggest stars in the world, much bigger than Eva Longoria.”

Anthony publishes Black Noir for women, as well as Toy Box, a black parenting magazine with a celebrity focus. She said: “It is hard for African-Americans in magazines. Only a few people, like Will Smith and Halle Berry, are mainstream. Editors really still think that only blond hair and blue eyes sell magazines.”

As another tabloid source says: “We have a saying, ‘Only Oprah.’ Oprah is the only black celebrity big enough to put on our cover.”

But Us Weekly editor in chief Janice Min tells me: “Janet Jackson has been on our cover twice, for two of our best-selling issues we’ve ever had.”

Min is also the only non-Caucasian to helm a top celebrity magazine. She acknowledges there is a perception in her industry that black stars don’t sell covers, but adds: “Typically, you will hear that discussion among a group of all-white editors.”

Miss NJ:  This is what I was saying the other day (see here).  Jay-Z and Beyonce are not important to the majority of white America.  That’s not A-list status.  It’s actually not even A1-list status.  They are clearly (and firmly) B-list celebs.  If even that, because that Heidi chick from The Hills has no problem getting on a cover.

Jay and B got married.  Is everybody happy now?  Sheesh!

Miss NJ: I do not know why I had to do a post about something that can be found anywhere else on the ‘Net.  But for those who thought I was off my game because I didn’t comment, here you go.  I paid this no mind because they had enough hype and publicity without me.  Also because I don’t really understand all the hoopla. (via the has a post about the “mainstream” “urban” A-list.  Both of those words bother me and I could write a whole post about code words, but I’ll save it for a better moment.  Anyway, the “urban” A-list only has six people on it (you have to go to her site to see all the names), two of whom are Jay and B.  Now I didn’t think they were “mainstream” A-list.  But perhaps that’s because I view A-list as Brad and  Angie, Julia Roberts, you know A-list.  I really see Jay and B as like A1-list, if that.  I based my view on the backlash Beyonce got from her SI cover and the confusion caused by Jay’s Budweiser commerical during Monday Night Football.  If you know about either of those, then you know that most white people are not checking for them at all.  They are popular within a certain (narrow) demographic.  That’s not A-list.

BK Diva:  Congratulations to the couple if it did indeed go down.  What was interesting to me about that list and about Jay & B in particular is that they are A List as a couple.  White magazines & hollywood could care less about them as individuals.  So I guess they’ll be together forever!


Miss NJ:  Let me say first off that we have received some inside info on B and as result have decided to show her more respect than we have been known to in the past.  But there is such a thing as being over-Photoshop’ed (look at any Mariah picture over the last 2 years).  Not only is B too skinny in this pic, but whatever they did to her face made it a different color from her body. 

BK Diva:  This is a horrible pic of B.  But again, here is society trying to make her look like a size O.  The bobble head look is not cute people.


Beyoncé has redeemed herself with fans in Harrison, N.J., where she’s been filming “Cadillac Records.” Kids were disappointed last week when she ran past them after they stood for hours in the rain. But Miss Knowles, who’s playing Etta James, came back out after shooting her scene and delivered her signature.

Miss NJ:  At least the girl can learn.  And that’s important.


pic seen at

Miss NJ:  So if the little light-skin girl at the table in the bright pink lipstick is supposed to be B and the little dark-skin one in the background is supposed to be Kelly, then what the hell is going on with the white girl in the front sipping tea like she can’t wait for her mother to come pick her up?  The other two look happy to be there, while the white girl is very clearly over it.  Is she supposed to represent Latavia, Letoya and Farrah all rolled into one?  On a separate note, that’s all some tacky ish and the lipstick on that little girl is highly inappropriate. 

from NY Daily News 


Is Beyoncé putting her ‘do before her fans? Spywitnesses on the set of “Cadillac Records” in Harrison, N.J., tell us that the diva, who plays Etta James in the flick, ignores kids who wait for hours to get her autograph and instead seems to concentrate on keeping her coif covered. Yes, it was drizzling out, but Knowles ran past cheering fans in a phalanx of bodyguards, all holding umbrellas over her. When she emerged later, she had a blanket over her head, says a source. Meanwhile, the spy adds, co-star Adrien Brody “goes out, talks to the kids, signs autographs and everything.”

Miss NJ:  I hope you can hear the dripping sarcasm in the title.  Also I intentionally chose that pic to illustrate her post-Dreamgirls boob job.  I thought she got the boobs done for the movie, but it looks like the surgery came after.  Anyway, this doesn’t surprise me.  I’ve never heard of her being accessible to her many fans.  I don’t understand how celebrities can be dismissive of the very people who put them where they are.  And I don’t understand why fans of these people put up with such behavior.



Just before midnight yesterday, paramedics were called to Beyonce’s trailer on the New Jersey set of her new film “Cadillac Records” — but it was her mom, Tina Knowles, who needed the medical attention.

TMZ spoke exclusively to Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles, who said medics were called because Tina has the flu and began to experience shortness of breath. Paging Janet Jackson!

Matthew tells us Tina’s blood pressure was a little high and she was checked out by medics — but she was not transported.

Miss NJ:  That wasn’t the flu.  That was a result of the Santeria ritual that Latavia is doing in the ATL.  When I look at that pic I hear in the background: Don’t nobody bring me, no bad news.


Miss NJ:  The reason you don’t see that many Jay-Z and Beyonce posts is that I’m not a big fan.  I don’t actively hate (anymore) but they’re not really all that interesting to me.  My fave hip-hop couple is Nelly and Ashanti, followed closely by Nas and Kelis.  But all that is neither here nor there.  What I’m really curious about is the shadow on Jay’s upper lip.  I’ve never seen the hints of a moustache before.  That might not be a bad look for him if he grew it in a little.  Thoughts?

Miss NJ:  As the title says, this blog may very well write itself soon.  I’m trying to understand why she’s in an evening gown in the re-enactment.  Of course, should someone have shot at her in real life and missed, I would start a fund to get her glasses for a second try.  (And don’t act you don’t know it would be a woman).

BK Diva:  Ok why did she did this publicity again????