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I missed week 2 due to migraine, so I didn’t know that Jessie Money was voted off last week.  I’m more than a little surprised by that.  I really thought Chloe or Landon would be gone.  So, this week’s victim was A’Kieba Burrell-Hammer.  I liked her but I saw this coming because she’s too unpolished and raw.  No one should have to tell her how to dress properly for the stage (I did see pics from last week).  Her voice is good, but she’s not close yet.

I see that Jesse Blaze Snyder is killing ’em right now, untouchable for the second straight week.  I did really like how he sang that song and his stage presence is unbelievable.  But he’s not my favorite.

I thought this the first week and my second show, third week, I’m convinced: Lil’ Al cannot sing.  He has a decent voice but he’s all over the place and can’t stay in key if someone threatened to beat him.  Al is not helping because he needs to let Lil’ Al find his own voice.  His voice is not as smooth as his father’s, so pretty songs like Night and Day don’t really work for him.  He should definitely be voted off in the double elimination.  All that said, with the right producers he could be HUGE!

I still can’t decide if I think Landon can sing.  Landon can work a crowd and he’s less porn than Lil’ Al (which also hurts Lil’ Al with the judges).  Long-term, I don’t see Landon being successful.  He’s missing something, but I can’t put my finger on what just yet.  If he makes it through, perhaps I’ll be able to figure it out.

Chloe will definitely have a career.  She’ll never be huge because her sound is too distinct and will only appeal to a few.  But her audience will be loyal and will love her.  And as she gets over her stage fright and gets more confidence on the stage, she sings better, puts more emotion into her voice.

I’m not liking Lucy Walsh anymore and I think she needs to go.  She has a great voice, but she’s bland and cookie cutter.

Since I’m sucker for a dude with a guitar, I love Crosby.

So, my four are: Jesse, Chloe, Crosby and Landon.  See you next week.


Paris Hilton’s new reality show should be called “I Want To Be Paris Hilton” . Heirhead wannabes lined up Tuesday at Nikki Beach in New York for Hilton’s new MTV reality series, “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF” and it wasn’t pretty. “It looked like Barbie threw up in there,” said our spy. “All the girls looked like versions of Donatella Versace. They all had bleached blond hair, too-dark tans and were wearing tight, shiny dresses. All the guys that were there were gay. The whole thing was so bizarre.” Casting directors had sent out a notice saying they were looking for “hot bitches and fierce guys” for the show.

Miss NJ: “Barbie throw-up” sounds like an appropriate description of anything related to Paris.  If MTV wants to understand why it’s ratings have tanked lately, it need look no further than this and the Tila Tequila mess.  It used to be that MTV was cutting edge, ahead of the curve; if you wanted to know what was in and hip and happening, you watched MTV.  Now, you feel like reruns of the Golden Girls should be airing.  Although, even that might be a bit too hip for MTV at this point.

Joumanna (the ex-Mrs. Jason) Kidd, Rita (the ex-Mrs. Patrick) Ewing, Nicole (the ex-Mrs. Eddie) Murphy and her boyfriend, Giant star Michael Strahan, discussing a “First Wives Club”-type reality show over drinks at the Gansevoort Hotel in TriBeCa.

Miss NJ: Did I miss a month or two?  When did Jason and Joumanna finalize their divorce?  I know he’s starting a second family and all, but didn’t think the ink was dry yet.  This could be quite interesting, especially if these three are part of the cast.  I would also like to see: Tracey Edmonds, Juanita Jordan, and Jennifer Aniston.  Can you imagine the potential drive-bys?  Picture “Foolish”: Jen is Ashanti in the SUV outside Brad and Angie’s, while Joumanna and Nicole are in the backseat, giving “advice.”

This intial post will be very long and I will put as many clips in as I get.  I don’t know whether I’ll follow this format going forward.  I am doing this live, so the comments are my reactions to what I’m watching as I see it.  I might editorialize later. 

Intro – I missed the credits ’cause I was pouring the wine.  (I know you didn’t think I was watching this sober.)  But who is the emcee?  He’s rather corny and already annoying.

Judges – Belinda Carlyle; June Ambrose; Larry Rudolph; and some gay dancer dude named Jamie

Jessie Money – Her father is kinda harsh but that may help her in the competition.  Not bad.  Her voice was much better than expected.  The music was a little too loud.  She didn’t do anything but stand in front of the mike.  But her scores are good.

Landon Brown – Starting off, Bobby’s slurring his words.  I’d like to think it’s just excitement, but… Anyway, here’s Landon now.  Not bad.  Not great though.  Jesse was better I thought.  But he has better stage presence.  And the scores reflect the weak voice.  Interesting that they all are saying that he has “something” but he needs to work on the vocals.

Chloe Lattanzi – Okay I can’t decide if she can sing or not.  She can’t hit the high notes, but the low was interesting.  No stage presence at all.  Even though Jessie just stood there like she did, Jessie held your attention.  Chloe was bland.  Wow. 9.5: it’s her voice.  It’s very different.  4.5: High school talent show?  Damn.

Lucy Walsh – She’s the best singer so far.  She has stage presence.  She’s my favorite thus far.  Very good.  I can’t wait to see the scores.  She should get at least one 10.  And she did from Larry ’cause she’s the one to beat.  His words.  I wonder how that makes the people who haven’t even gone yet feel.

Jesse Blaze Snider – I like his personality.  Great presence.  Hard to judge the voice but he’s working this song.  So, since Lucy got a 10, can Jesse?  No, he can’t.  5.0: He was okay, not great. 

Lil’ B. Sure – He’s going to sing “A Song For You”?!?!?  Good voice and good presence.  They changed some notes for him.  His range is limited but he knows how to work around it okay, not great.  9.0: best vocals of the night.  The low score, 5.0, I understand ’cause it’s Donny and he didn’t represent, but judged on its own merit he was good.

Lara Johnston – Pop singer but with a voice.  This song isn’t right for her.  Presence isn’t bad but she needs work.  5.0: he’s an asshole; everything is about him and image.

A’keiba Burrell-Hammer – Great song choice.  Excellent voice.  Needs more presence.  Sell it more.  Vocals are not great though.  Song may not have been the best choice as it was a little out of her range.  She got a 10.  It’s her voice and everyone sees the potential.  But she’s very raw.

Crosby Loggins – He plays guitar.  That makes him stand out.  Like him.  Decent voice not great but he sells it well.  Average.  Not bad, but not great.  Secretly sexy?  I agree.  Lighten up?  I can see it; he was so focused on his singing and playing, he forgot he was performing. 

Lucy is untouchable for this weeks.  We’ll see next week who gets kicked off.  I pick Landon or Chloe.  You?

Miss NJ:  I have found videos of all the performances, but I am having difficulty uploading them.  I’ll work on it throughout the day.  My day-after critique: the show was better than I expected and the kids are more talented.  Some, like Lucy Walsh and Crosby Loggins, are more polished and more professional than the others.  But all have some talent that can be cultivated.  This may not have been such a horrible idea after all.

UPDATE:  MTV is being very stingy with the videos and i can’t post here.  So, starting on next Thursday, I will try to post links to each remaining singer.

– April 6, 2008, 10:30 am

Noshin N’ Awlins
With a nod to New Orleans, Sunny gets things jazzed up with a spicy yet sweet Shrimp Pot Pie, a sweet note of French Toast with Caramelized Pecans, Strawberries and Cream and a Sazarak cocktail. Let the good times roll!

Miss NJ:  This will be the format that I will use for Cooking For Real.  I will have a post that tells what Sunny will cook the week’s upcoming episode.  After the episode airs, I will include a link to the recipes and do a critique of how easy the recipes look and MAYBE do a where-to-buy for ingredients.  I say maybe because we have to see how things fall out. 


Starting in April 2008, Food Network will have a bright new face at the table — Sunny Anderson. Sunny will be the newest addition to Food Network’s popular ‘In the Kitchen’ weekend block with her new series, Cooking for Real . With an understanding of the need for uncomplicated dishes with affordable, easy to find ingredients, Sunny offers real food, for real life combining her approach to classic comfort foods along with her passion for unique flavors inspired by her many travels.

Cooking for Real will not be the first time Food Network audiences have seen Sunny Anderson. She debuted on the Network back in 2005 as a special guest on Emeril Live, cooking side by side Chef Emeril Lagasse — an appearance Sunny deemed as her greatest “foodie” moment ever. In 2007, Sunny co-hosted Food Network’s series of specials, Gotta Get It, uncovering the latest and greatest food gadgets and gizmos on the market.

In 2003, Sunny started her catering business “Sunny’s Delicious Dishes” after years of cooking for her famous friends in the music industry and soon became one of the most sought after caterers in town. She served up her sole style of soul food at star-studded events such as Olympus Fashion Week 2006 at Bryant Park in New York City. And, continued to dish up her cooking talents for top platinum hip hop recording artists and studio music executives.

Sunny’s passion for food paved the way for a passion with music. While growing up traveling the world as an Army brat, her parents always encouraged her to indulge in the local cuisine. When Sunny joined the Air Force, she continued her trek through the world for culinary finds and soon discovered she had a desire to explore music. Soon enough, she became an award-winning military radio host and news reporter.

Upon finishing her tour of duty with the Air Force, Sunny kept on her broadcast career playing radio host at stations in New Orleans, Montgomery, Detroit, and finally, in New York at hip hop radio powerhouse, HOT 97. Within a year, Vibe Magazine rated her show as one of the top 9 to listen to nationwide and crowned her, “Ruler of the Airwaves.” Her radio success landed her guest hosting duties on MTV2, and voice over gigs on television and radio ads for Destiny’s Child, LL Cool J, and John Legend.

Sunny also served as Food & Lifestyle editor at Hip Hop Weekly Magazine where she reported on everything celebrity living with her column, “Belly of the Beats,” where she interviewed hip hop stars about food, cooking and restaurants they love.

Miss NJ:  This will definitely be blogged about.  I am a major, major foodie.  And I remember when Sunny first mentioned getting a show on the Food Network.  So, first April 3 and then April 6.


VH1 is glamming up its schedule with actress Vivica A. Fox.

The cable network has green-lighted “Glam God With Vivica A. Fox,” an eight-episode competition show that will focus on the search for the “next great celebrity stylist.”

Each week, contestants will be asked to compete in challenges that will test their knowledge of fashion and style trends as they create the perfect look from head to toe, including hair, makeup and wardrobe.

The winner will receive $100,000 and the opportunity to launch his or her career by styling an A-list celebrity. Viewers also will learn styling tips in each episode.

Miss NJ:  That is a new pic and all I’ll say is, I hate the shoes.  So, do you want style tips from Viv?  Quite possibly I may watch and blog on this one too.  It’s not as interesting to me as Rock the Cradle, but it may provide some laughs.



MTV’s latest reality show, Rock the Cradle, premieres on Thursday, April 3 at 10p.  It’s a singing competition with a twist.  The contestants are all sons or daughters of an established musician.  Each week the celebrity offspring will rehearse with accomplished producers, songwriters and choreographers before performing live in front of a studio audience and panel of judges.  Home viewer votes will ultimately determine which contestant receives the grand prize of a recording contract.

Here is the full list of contestants:

  • Jesse Money, daughter of Eddie Money
  • Jesse Blaze Snider (pic on right), son of Dee Snider
  • Lara Johnston, daughter of Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers
  • A’Keiba Burrell-Hammer, daughter of MC Hammer
  • Landon Brown (pic on left), son of Bobby Brown
  • Lil Al B Sure, son of Al B Sure
  • Crosby Loggins, son of Kenny Loggins
  • Chloe Rose Lattanzi (pic on bottom), daughter of Olivia Newton-John
  • Lucy Walsh, daughter of Joe Walsh of the Eagles

Miss NJ:  I know you must have noticed by now that we don’t discuss much reality TV.  It’s not that we don’t watch, but more that there’s nothing worth talking about.  Flavor of Love is old; I Love NY is tacky; America’s Top Model is stale; you get the point.  But this ish right here has potential.  Why you ask?  Well, if any of these posers had talent they wouldn’t be on an MTV show trying to get a record deal.  This means we are in for some bad, bad singing.  I can get with the idea of the maybe rich and desparately-want-to-be-famous making complete fools of themselves.  The other reason this appeals to me is the cast list: Landon AND Lil Al?!?!?  Be still my heart.  Add Chloe and A’Keiba and this is must see tv for me.  So, starting on April 3, every week we’ll rock the cradle together.  It’ll be fun.  (Is Landon really in a hotel room taking pics of himself?  This could be more fun than originally thought.)