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Category Archives: Reasons Why I Don’t Go Out Anymore

Every so often, we’ll do picture posts of people who obviously want us to talk about them.


Miss NJ:  It’s Pat!  The shoulders, moustache and lack of visible boobage makes me think boy.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a girl.

BK Diva:  This is a girl trying to dress like a boy and didn’t get it right.


Miss NJ:  Can’t decide what’s more disturbing in this pic: that gap in her teeth, those blue panties or the fact that they’re obviously wearing shirts to the club.  When did shirts and heels become club attire?  Was there a meeting I missed?

BK Diva:  Yeah, Hooker Anonymous


Miss NJ:  The Muslims are not pleased with this little urban trend of wearing their sacred shawl as a fashion accessory.  So, if you read about a club in the hood being blown up by a suicide bomber you’ll know why.

BK Diva:  Does he have a bald spot someplace he doesn’t want us to see?