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If European reports are true, Rihanna’s backstage demands are like something out of an elementary school girl’s popularity handbook. As part of a contract for the 20-year-old’s world tour, the Barbadian beauty reportedly demands that each venue supply her with two packs of pink bubblegum, two apples, two mangos, two pears, seedless grapes and strawberries. She also asks for two knives (to cut the fruit), a teapot and 24 warm Buffalo wings, fried chicken and spiced white rice.

Miss NJ:  I think this is pretty reasonable.  And I guess the rest of the people have to fend for themselves.  ‘Cause two apples, mangos and pears aren’t going a long way.  And last time I checked 24 wings really only fed one.  But maybe that’s why she needs the knives to cut off pieces for everyone else.





Miss NJ:  That first look is one that only Rihanna could pull off.  As much as I hate the whole sweater dress look, she’s wearing it well.  As usual.  This chick is never, ever off her game.  I want to hate, but I’m too busy trying to figure out where I can get what she has on.  I love the shoes in the second outfit.  Doesn’t the look on her face in the last pic say: Beyonce? Who is this Beyonce I keep hearing about?

BK Diva:  Rih Rih’s stylist is doing an EXCELLENT job with her!  She looks fabulous!!  She has finally come into her own look & style.  When she first came out they tried to make her a Beyonce clone.  Glad she wasn’t having it!


Miss NJ:  I realize I have a lot of hate, but I actually like both these kids (as long as Rihanna’s not singing in the same room I’m in, but different topic for a different day).  That said, why does this “relationship” not impress me?

BK Diva:  Because it’s FAKE!!  They spun the cover up on Chris when they pinned him w/Super Head.  Rih Rih don’t do it…….you don’t have the Trannny look so why fake the funk! Leave that for Kayne’s finance.




Miss NJ:  Her balloons look like they might pop any minute now.  Too deep a breath and the whole front row will be covered in silicon.  On a separate note, I like the dress.

BK Diva: Damn, Rih Rih you just put yourself on BLAST!!  For a minute I was hoping they were real!  The dress is SICK!