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I did not forget about blogging Sunny’s show.  The problem is I am not sure how best to do it.  I watched the show and you can’t live blog a cooking show.  Nor does it make sense to do a review of the show.  The only thing that works is actually trying the recipes and doing a review of how easy (or hard) they are.

The first show was pretty good.  But I like cooking shows, so…


from Variety


Survey says: “Family Feud” is heading to primetime.

NBC and “American Idol” producer FremantleMedia North America are prepping a celebrity edition of the classic quizzer and are fast-tracking it for broadcast as soon as this summer. While the “Feud” format is more than 30 years old, the series has never aired as a regular primetime network show.

Peacock and Fremantle are keeping a tight lid on details surrounding the primetime “Feud,” with casting just getting under way.

While it’s possible the show could cast celeb families such as the Baldwin brothers or the Lohan clan, producers might also take a page from “Feud” history and use the casts of TV shows and movies (think the “Lost” castaways vs. the “Heroes” gang). During its original run, “Feud” often featured theme weeks in which stars of, say, “Baywatch” or “American Gladiators” competed against each other.

Miss NJ:  I really did like the original Family Feud with Richard Dawson.  All subsequent incarnations have been garbage because no one did it like Dick.  I also remember thinking that all that kissing on the lips was rather nasty.

You know, I just took a good look at that pic.  Is that Adam West?