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from NY Daily News


One of the nation’s top skin surgeons says Priscilla Presley’s apparently botched face job could have been avoided.

“You would think that with her beauty and her resources, she would have chosen a different path,” said Dr. Rhoda Narins, a former president of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery [ASDS].

Over 20 million people watched Elvis’ ex-wife on last week’s premiere of ” Dancing With the Stars,” with one writer comparing Presley’s puffed-up look to “a bulldog bitten by wasps.”

“Watching the show, you can see that a whole group of things has gone wrong,” Narins told us. “There is no movement at all in her face, no expression. No expert in Botox would leave you like that.

“Her chin is too masculine and wide. It’s too big of an implant. It looks manly. Her eyes are smaller. It looks like someone used too much filler around them.

“Her mouth is uneven. It’s almost like a Bell’s palsy on one side, as if there’s been nerve damage.” reported Monday that a handsome young Argentinean “doctor” named Daniel Serrano had injected auto mechanic-grade silicone into Presley’s face and that of other Hollywood types, some at “injection parties,” earning him the name “Dr. Jiffy Lube.” He got a federal conviction on the use of unapproved drugs, but that is no doubt of little solace to Presley, mother of Lisa Marie Presley.

“She can certainly fix the Botox to gain back some movement, and she can get a smaller chin implant,” Narins said. “But on the [silicone] filler, it can be very difficult to get out.”

Presley’s spokeswoman didn’t comment.

But Narins recommends that anyone wanting to “freshen” their look get a referral to a licensed M.D. from their doctor, or the ASDS Web site. And don’t go to any injection parties: “If you’re in a spa, or a garage, or a living room, you’re in the wrong place.”

Miss NJ: I started to post the TMZ story yesterday about Priscilla, but then I realized that I really don’t care that much.  I want to be sympathetic, but it’s hard when people do this ish to themselves.  Given how much her daughter is worth, she couldn’t have gone to real doctor?  This is a combination of being too cheap and too worried about people knowing you “freshen up.”  You see what you end up with.  But on the plus side, she doesn’t have to invest in a mask for Halloween. 





Miss NJ:  Vanessa Williams and her daughter, Sasha Fox.  I only wish to address one thing: the arch in her eyebrow.  Notice that it’s the same in every picture, in spite of her facial expression.  Now I’m fan from way back (I got work to do. I got a job, baby) and I think Vanessa is one of the few Hollywood women aging well, but I have to talk about this.  It clearly looks like one side of her face is more “done” than the other, resulting in the lifted eyebrow.  The wrinkles around the lifted eye are less than the wrinkles around the other one.  She either needs to stop and let things settle a bit (my suggestion, if anyone cares) or she needs to work on the other side a little more.  Although two eyebrows like that would probably look worse.

Usually we don’t talk about kids ’cause that’s mean, but I want to point out that Sasha has some big feet.  I know her daddy is Rick Fox, so she probably didn’t have a chance but still I hope she grows into them a bit.


Miss NJ:  It takes Viv’s whole face to close that one eye.  See how her mouth has to come up and the other eye has to close half way?  I think her nose is even moving.  Oh, and please peep the hairline; proof it starts at her ears.

BK Diva:  This was a beautiful women, hollywood can drive a bitch crazy!


Miss NJ:  I don’t know what’s nastier: the veins, the dents/puckers, that channel in the middle, or the fact that they’re crooked.  Seeing this, reminds me why I’m so good with my solid A’s.

BK Diva:  Now this ish should have known better.  What doctor did she go too!!!  There’s some things you shouldn’t go cheap on & this is one of them.