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Category Archives: That’s Not The Look

Last night a friend commented that tats on big asses have only one fate: they inevitably become spread out and distorted.  It’s all cute now, but 15 years from now after 2-3 babies, what will it be?


If your boyfriend took a picture like this, would you be worry about his sexuality?  I’m just saying…

Miss NJ: The shoes!!!  The dress is cute, but the Granny shoes are unacceptable.  Maybe I’m missing it though.  Maybe it does go together and I don’t get it.

Miss NJ: I really like this dress.  She shouldn’t be wearing it, since it’s obviously too big.  It would look great on someone the right size.  Why do these chicks dress like Norma Desmond?  Did someone tell them washed-up, Valium-addicted old lady was swexy? 

 Miss NJ:  The glasses and the Mary Janes are fly.  Everything else she has on is a catastrophe.  I’m convinced Mariah doesn’t have a stylist because no one would allow their name to be associated with crap like this.  When is this woman going to dress her age?

Miss NJ:  This is cute, sort of, but too casual for an event.  You wear this to the game or to a low-key dinner with your man.  I do like the shoes, though.

Miss NJ: I am probably in the minority, but I like this look on R.  If only because it advertises his mental issues.

Miss NJ: So I think I’ve finally figured out what’s up with Vanessa and that arch.  It’s not Botox, it’s poorly shaped.  It is probably supposed to “lift” her eye to make her look younger, but the arch is too high and only makes her look surprised, in a not good way.

Cute girl right?  Then you get a close up of the toes.

Miss NJ: Does this not make you think of Eddie Murphy and Lela Rochon in Boomerang?  I don’t know what she could do, except keep them covered up.

Miss NJ:  I am amazed at how this chick stays relevant.  What does she do that she should be on the cover of King?  I definitely respect her game (remember, it’s not the player you hate).  Dudes lose their minds over this “old ho.”  Those are not my words, but I think they accurately reflect who Stacy is (and was).  And she gets no dap from me for being 42 and able to hang her ass out like that; mostly because none of the 42-year-old women I know would do this trifling ish.  Have we reached the point as Black women where we’re going to disrespect ourselves into our 40’s?  Pretty soon there’ll be Granny spreads for the hottest 65 year old.  Watch.

BK Diva:  Lawd have mercy!  King Magazine must be running out of women to feature dragging this old hoe out the wood works!  And when did Stacy get a ass like that……surgery must be nice!!!  Stacy please try between 45 – 48.