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Category Archives: They Might Be Doing The Nasty

from InTouch Weekly

According to InTouch Weekly, Eddie’s been dating this chick, Lara LaRue, sister to Eva LaRue.  She’s a waitress at Sushiya in LA.

Miss NJ: Now there’s a lot wrong with this, first they say Eddie’s “in love”.  Wasn’t he “in love” with Scary?  And then, wasn’t Tracey the answer to his dreams?  I’m starting to think Nicole deserves an Oscar or something for the years she put in.  Second, they say this chick is 25.  Okay.  She’s 30, if she’s a day.  Finally and most importantly, did Johnny sign off?  ‘Cause you see what happens when Eddie gets a chick he doesn’t like: that b*tch has to go!




Miss NJ:  Rocco needs to be careful with her until he’s sure that Johnny’s curse has been lifted.  Laugh if you want to, but when he starts to break out in a horrid rash and his hair’s falling out, you’ll remember this.  This all assumes that you buy the “relationship.”  Which I don’t.  But I don’t do this for me.


Miss NJ:  This is Eric Benet’s new chick.  Doesn’t she look like Halle?  Eyebrows are a little bushy but other than that clearly Halle’s twin.  As for why it’s an upgrade, BK Diva can cosign this: Halle’s crazy.  So, as long as this chick isn’t, then Eric’s all good.  It’s only a matter of time before the white boy runs screaming into the night like the rest of them.

BK Diva:  Damn, is this Halle’s long lost estranged sister????  Yeah, Halle’s mom’s forgot to take her prenatal meds……I personally got the 411 on her crazy ass from the ex’s.


Miss NJ:  Don’t act like you don’t see the shine coming off that dome!  Isn’t it sad when your man has a better hairline than you do?  And I’m not buying the “relationship” between her and Osi.  This is just off-season publicity for him.

from NOW Magazine


Katie is panicking that she can’t give Tom a second child

Katie Holmes has been desperately trying to get pregnant to please Tom Cruise, but despite her best efforts she still hasn’t managed to conceive.

The actress wanted to try IVF, but Now has learnt that her appeals to Tom to try fertility treatment have fallen on deaf ears – because Scientologists disapprove of it.

Tom, 45, who with ex-wife Nicole Kidman adopted two children – Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13 – seeks Scientology advice on all aspects of family life.

This is making matters very difficult for Katie, 29.

‘Katie’s concerned about Suri being lonely as she’s kept in a bit of a Scientology bubble. She wants her to have a playmate,’ a friend tells Now .

‘Tom keeps telling her to focus on Scientology methods of creating “positive energy” to become pregnant, which he’s convinced worked the first time around, but Katie’s losing patience.

Scientology doesn’t actually forbid fertility treatment, but it’s frowned upon.


Miss NJ:  How long you think before Katie grabs Suri and makes a run for it?  I can’t imagine she can handle much more of Tom.  I used to like Tom; before he showed the world how bat-sh*t crazy he really is.


Bridget Moynahan snuck into a Hollywood screening last night with a guy who rivals Tom Brady’s power (off the field): management mogul Guy Oseary, to be precise.

At the season two opener for FX’s The Riches, the football player’s former girlfriend managed to elude press when entering the episode viewing at the Pacific Design Center, where Bridget, 36, came to support funnyman Eddie Izzard and mom-to-be Minnie Driver.

Concealing her face with a gray Jeff cap and sporting simple black pants with a matching vest, the Sex and the City star kept her head down and successfully slipped past photogs on the red carpet (until she posed for a quick snap with Driver).

After the show, Guy, who manages Madonna and Lenny Kravitz, introduced the actress around to Riches exec producers before heading off to the parking garage together.

Miss NJ:  That’s Guy Oseary in the pic.  I have never really thought Tom Brady was all that.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t get why women swoon; he’s just not my particular flavor of stud.  But the cutie above, I get all the way.  You go, girlfriend!



Miss NJ:  This is Julissa and Larry at ESPN’s 10th Annivesary Party last night.  Before I talk about Larry, I want to address Julissa’s breasteses.  Did she get new ones?  I don’t remember her being that “full” plus they have implant roundness at the top.  Now onto Larry.  This weekend Larry was at Butter partying with Jay-Z, the dude he shared an apartment with last summer.  Now I’m sure you’ve seen the pics of Jay and Rich outside Butter and all the speculation that caused.  And I have a friend who knows Dame personally and has been telling me for years that Jay plays for the same team.  So, my question is: does Larry play for the same team, too?  I used to think no, but lately he’s been looking a little how you doing.


Miss NJ:  I like the bag.  It’s a different casual look and not too many women will have it because they don’t know how to work it.



Miss NJ:  If you look at the kissing pic, Will is very clearly looking at the camera.  I guess they decided a PDA would help quiet those rumors about Will and Tommy.  It won’t.  But it’s still good to see them happy together.

BK Diva:  Ok Jada, don’t be so hard on Katie…..she’s not used to a strap on that big. 


Miss NJ:  I realize I have a lot of hate, but I actually like both these kids (as long as Rihanna’s not singing in the same room I’m in, but different topic for a different day).  That said, why does this “relationship” not impress me?

BK Diva:  Because it’s FAKE!!  They spun the cover up on Chris when they pinned him w/Super Head.  Rih Rih don’t do it…….you don’t have the Trannny look so why fake the funk! Leave that for Kayne’s finance.