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Miss NJ: I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with this blog because BK Diva can’t do it anymore.  But I have decided to go it alone.  So i will be posting again starting now.  I make no promises about how often I’ll post.  I will try to do some every day but…


I’ve been at jury duty and BK Diva had a death in the family.  Alot interesting (to me) has happened over the week, so there will be quite a few posts at once.  Don’t know whether that will be today or tomorrow.

Tennis champ Serena Williams and rapper Common are officially dating, a source close to the couple tells us. The lovebirds were spotting holding hands as they left the Knight’s Head Microbrew party at Mokai in Miami.

Miss NJ:  “Officially dating” means what exactly?  Were they simply screwing around until the announcment?  Celebrities kill me.

Miss NJ: I know you heard that Carmelo Anthony got arrested for a DUI last night, but did you also hear that LaLa refused to pick him up from the police station?  Supposedly (according to SandraRose) ‘Melo has a chick on the side that LaLa’s tired of seeing.  So, this is how I imagine the call from the cops went with LaLa:

Police: Hello.  Is this Ms. Vasquez?

LaLa: Yes.  Who is this? (with attitude; ’cause remember it’s waaaayyyy after the game, so it’s late)

Police: This is Denver Police.  We have Carmelo here.  We picked him up on a DUI and we can’t let him drive himself home.  When can you come get him?

LaLa:  Tell him to call that bitch.  (hangs up the phone)

So, now LaLa’s at home thinking about Carmelo has to spend the night in jail and how it serves him right, etc. and so forth.  But little did she know that the cops decided to give ‘Melo a ride home.  So, imagine her shock when the boy from B’more showed up maybe an hour later.  I’m pretty sure he slammed the ish out of that door.  And the argument?!  If it were me, we’d probably talk through a door until I was sure I wasn’t getting hit. 

And before anyone starts about beating women and all that, I do not advocate domestic violence nor do I think that men should be allowed to hit women.  But everyone is human and a man in this situation is going to be more than a little pissed.  So, it’s probably very quiet in the Anthony home today.  Very, very quiet.

BK Diva:  LaLa just signed her own death warrant.  I don’t care how mad you are at your man you do not leave his ass in jail!  And she wonders why she’s just a baby’s mama!!!

As usual with life, when BK Diva and I decide to get this going, we didn’t have any other commitments.  But of course as soon as we put this together, other things we have been working on started happening at the same time. We will definitely be here on Thursday with Rock the Cradle.  But the daily updates may be a bit sporadic still.  Just hang in there with us as we work it all out.

Updating during the day will probably not be possible anymore.  So, starting tomorrow night (after Rock the Cradle) updates will be done at night rather than during the day.

Since we know some of you read us to get through the workday, we will make an attempt to do one or two day posts, but we make no promises.

Miss NJ:  I’m sorry that I failed to show up yesterday like I said I would.  I had a real world emergency.  I will be posting later on today.  About 2p-ish EST. 

Brooklyn Diva (being a diva) was whisked away by her fabulous boyfriend for a week’s vacay.  Of course, she didn’t bother to tell anyone before going.  She’s back, but obviously has alot to do.  I’m giving her a day or two to catch up.  There will be new posts, but not as many until she gets semi-caught up.