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Miss NJ:  I picked up on Romeo’s sex appeal about the time that he and Bow Wow had “beef.”  That does make me a pervert, but whatever.  He is quite tasty looking.

BK Diva:  He looks just like his Daddy & your going to jail!! LOL



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Miss NJ:  I have thing for this dude here.  I watch The Tudors just to see him.  This particular attraction worries me because besides being short, skinny and drugged out, he gives me a how you doing vibe.  And since my major celeb crush is also rumored to be gay I may end up a beard.



He’s been successfully rapping since the age of 11. He’s the CEO of his own clothing line and record label. And he’s a recruit for the University of Southern California Trojans basketball team. But does Romeo Miller deserve a scholarship to play?

The Wall Street Journal reports that Lil’ Romeo’s addition to the Trojans may be more about getting fans in the seats than points on the board. The current senior at Beverly Hills High School averaged 8.6 points a game this season for a team that finished in last place. USC basketball coach Tim Floyd even tells the paper, “We may have more 11- to 17-year-old girls in the stands than we’ve had in the past.”

WSJ further implies that a long-fostered connection with hot prospect Demar DeRozan of Compton, Calif., may also have come into play. Demar and Romeo have played basketball on a club team coached by Romeo’s father, rapper/entertainment mogul (and Dancing With The Stars vet) Percy “Master P” Miller since the boys were in eighth grade. The question posed: Did Percy use USC’s interest in Demar to get Romeo in the door?

Don Wetherell, father of Trojan walk-on player Ryan certainly thinks so. He told the WSJ that his son was being considered for a scholarship, but Romeo’s addition might jeopardize that. When he called the coaches, “He says they told him…that Mr. Miller got his [scholarship] because of his relationship with Mr. DeRozan.”

Whether it’s for ticket sales, another player, or his own talent we have to wonder as well — couldn’t he pay his own way to help out his teammates?

Miss NJ:  I see I’ll be watching a few more USC games next season.  You will find out on Sunday how much of a college basketball fan I am; let’s just say that March is my favorite sports month of the year.  I do feel for my man about the scholarship thing, especially since we know that P can afford college.  But he can’t hate on USC for using Romeo to get Demar.  If this kid is as good as implied, then they needed an edge.  It’s not like USC is a nationally known program that produces good NBA prospects and Floyd has to earn his rep still.  I need one more moment with Romeo’s lips.  Okay, I’m good.




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Miss NJ:  Don’t even start with the stories ’cause I don’t care.  I have lusted after this man since he had a short ‘fro, the one bulldog tat and played for Georgetown.