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Miss NJ: I really like this dress.  She shouldn’t be wearing it, since it’s obviously too big.  It would look great on someone the right size.  Why do these chicks dress like Norma Desmond?  Did someone tell them washed-up, Valium-addicted old lady was swexy? 


Miss NJ:  FIrst things first, that’s an almost miss for Posh.  I don’t really like the dress but the shoes save the outfit.  Now, is Cruz giving the finger or not?  I say no, the camera just happened to click at the moment.  But still…

The Mirror (UK) is reporting that Jay and B had their first married folk fight.  He dissed one of her songs during a performance and she stalked off pissed.  Of course they kissed and made up later. 

Miss NJ: And that’s today’s Jay-Z and Beyonce report.  Tune in tomorrow when we report what color B’s morning sh*t was.  Ridiculous that this is news.

from InTouch Weekly

According to InTouch Weekly, Eddie’s been dating this chick, Lara LaRue, sister to Eva LaRue.  She’s a waitress at Sushiya in LA.

Miss NJ: Now there’s a lot wrong with this, first they say Eddie’s “in love”.  Wasn’t he “in love” with Scary?  And then, wasn’t Tracey the answer to his dreams?  I’m starting to think Nicole deserves an Oscar or something for the years she put in.  Second, they say this chick is 25.  Okay.  She’s 30, if she’s a day.  Finally and most importantly, did Johnny sign off?  ‘Cause you see what happens when Eddie gets a chick he doesn’t like: that b*tch has to go!

 Miss NJ:  The glasses and the Mary Janes are fly.  Everything else she has on is a catastrophe.  I’m convinced Mariah doesn’t have a stylist because no one would allow their name to be associated with crap like this.  When is this woman going to dress her age?

Miss NJ:  I have never thought Joumanna Kidd attractive, ever.  She’s your average-looking beige chick.  But I also always thought there was something off about her, but I could never put my finger on it.  These pics helped because for the first time I realize that she’s cross-eyed.  It’s probably where the little boy gets it from; because besides the huge head of his, the child is cross-eyed too.  It’s good thing he’s going to inherit money because TJ will not be a good-looking man.  And it’s good thing she has her bolt-on boobs covered up.  She looks better when we can’t see her cleavage.

Miss NJ:  This is cute, sort of, but too casual for an event.  You wear this to the game or to a low-key dinner with your man.  I do like the shoes, though.

Miss NJ:  Both Stacey and Lisa Raye are cute girls who look very good for their ages (42 and 41, respectively) but neither actually looks like this.  Photoshop is a hell of a drug!  And given all the rumors about Lisa Raye’s husband and the potential break-up of that marriage, doesn’t this cover scream “I’m single and ready to mingle!”  I would think if she was still the First Lady of Turks & Caicos, she’d be more covered up.  I guess we will be seeing more 40 year old women spread-eagle in King.  So sad, ladies, so sad.

Miss NJ:  I found this on YouTube.  There are five more episodes.  Whatcha think BK Diva?  Should I post the others?  And I just now figured out the bald chick is supposed to be Britney.  Wow.

I missed week 2 due to migraine, so I didn’t know that Jessie Money was voted off last week.  I’m more than a little surprised by that.  I really thought Chloe or Landon would be gone.  So, this week’s victim was A’Kieba Burrell-Hammer.  I liked her but I saw this coming because she’s too unpolished and raw.  No one should have to tell her how to dress properly for the stage (I did see pics from last week).  Her voice is good, but she’s not close yet.

I see that Jesse Blaze Snyder is killing ’em right now, untouchable for the second straight week.  I did really like how he sang that song and his stage presence is unbelievable.  But he’s not my favorite.

I thought this the first week and my second show, third week, I’m convinced: Lil’ Al cannot sing.  He has a decent voice but he’s all over the place and can’t stay in key if someone threatened to beat him.  Al is not helping because he needs to let Lil’ Al find his own voice.  His voice is not as smooth as his father’s, so pretty songs like Night and Day don’t really work for him.  He should definitely be voted off in the double elimination.  All that said, with the right producers he could be HUGE!

I still can’t decide if I think Landon can sing.  Landon can work a crowd and he’s less porn than Lil’ Al (which also hurts Lil’ Al with the judges).  Long-term, I don’t see Landon being successful.  He’s missing something, but I can’t put my finger on what just yet.  If he makes it through, perhaps I’ll be able to figure it out.

Chloe will definitely have a career.  She’ll never be huge because her sound is too distinct and will only appeal to a few.  But her audience will be loyal and will love her.  And as she gets over her stage fright and gets more confidence on the stage, she sings better, puts more emotion into her voice.

I’m not liking Lucy Walsh anymore and I think she needs to go.  She has a great voice, but she’s bland and cookie cutter.

Since I’m sucker for a dude with a guitar, I love Crosby.

So, my four are: Jesse, Chloe, Crosby and Landon.  See you next week.