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Miss NJ:  Both Stacey and Lisa Raye are cute girls who look very good for their ages (42 and 41, respectively) but neither actually looks like this.  Photoshop is a hell of a drug!  And given all the rumors about Lisa Raye’s husband and the potential break-up of that marriage, doesn’t this cover scream “I’m single and ready to mingle!”  I would think if she was still the First Lady of Turks & Caicos, she’d be more covered up.  I guess we will be seeing more 40 year old women spread-eagle in King.  So sad, ladies, so sad.


Miss NJ:  I found this on YouTube.  There are five more episodes.  Whatcha think BK Diva?  Should I post the others?  And I just now figured out the bald chick is supposed to be Britney.  Wow.

‘Melo was arrested early Monday morning, the story about LaLa not coming to get him broke yesterday morning, at 8 pm last night posted a statement from LaLa:

“I want to make sure the public understands that I fully support my fiancé, Carmelo Anthony, and stand by him through this ordeal.  I will always have his back and never refused to pick him up from the police station. In fact, they offered to bring him to me.”

And then ‘Melo said:

 “LaLa continues to be a rock in my life, she’s always been there for me through thick and thin.”

Miss NJ: This tells me one thing at least, LaLa’s going nowhere in the short term.  Now long-term, that’s anybody’s game.  But it’s good they know how to play nice for the cameras.  It means when the break-up comes, they’ll be able to be civil to each other for the baby’s sake.

Someone page Tom Cruise – his former friend and Scientolo-pal is slamming his beloved church.

Jason Beghe, a character actor best known for roles on TV’s “CSI,” “Numb3rs” and the now-canceled “Cane,” took to YouTube yesterday to slam his former religion.

Beghe, who was a member of the Church of Scientology for 13 years and was even featured in a promotional video for the church in 2005, now says, “Scientology is destructive and a rip-off.”

In the video, billed as a three-minute teaser to a longer interview that’s on its way, Beghe goes on to say, “It’s very, very dangerous for your spiritual, psychological, mental, emotional health and evolution. I think it stunts your evolution. If Scientology is real, then something’s [bleeped] up . . . It ain’t delivering what it’s promised. It sure has not.”

Beghe wasn’t just a peon in the church. The actor, who’s best friends with David Duchovny, spent a lot of money to make it to the coveted “OT 5” level achieved by Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley.

But Beghe now warns, “The further up the bridge, the worse you get . . . I don’t have an agenda. I’m just trying to help. I have the luxury of having gotten into Scientology and after having been in it, been out. And that’s a perspective that people who are still in and not out do not have.”

A rep for Scientology said, “There are millions of Scientologists around the world who will tell you of their daily wins in applying Scientology in their lives. One need only visit to see this for yourself.”

Beghe’s salvo is the latest hit to Cruise’s controversial faith. Since the beginning of the year, several creepy videos of Cruise exhorting people to join Scientology and laughing maniacally have hit the Web – videos which the church demanded be taken down, to no avail.

Last month, a group calling itself “Anonymous” took credit for bombarding Scientology churches across the country with prank calls, bomb threats and cyber attacks.

And in February, more than 50 masked protesters gathered outside of the Boston headquarters of Scientology and demonstrated against the church wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

Miss NJ:  I don’t know who Tom Cruise has mad at him (and I refuse to believe the rumors that’s it’s Nicole Kidman getting a little payback).  But whoever it is, they are serious about tearing down and destroying Scientology and in the process, Tommy himself.  If I had to guess, I’d say it was the members of the “Free Katie” campaign.  But that’s just me.


TMZ has the court documents from the EEOC filing by Nicole Spence against Wendy Williams and WBLS.  I have highlighted the parts I find interesting. 

The Severe and Pervasive Sexual Harrassment

  1. Throughout Ms. Spence’ s employment, Kevin Hunter (Wendy’s husband) repeatedly propositioned her at work in the most crude and vulgar ways, telling her over and over that he wanted to “fuck” her.
  2. Kevin’s sexual propositions escalated into the obsessive, and, during the work day, he constantly told Ms. Spence of his desire to “fuck” her and that he had been dreaming about sleeping with her.
  3. Kevin made demeaning remarks to Ms. Spence, including that she needed “a real man in [her] life to mold [her] into the woman that [she] was supposed to be.”
  4. Kevin openly referred to Ms. Spence and other women in the workplace as “bitches.”
  5. Wendy even offered to take Ms. Spence shopping so she could dress “like a sexy bitch” as Kevin demanded.  In fact, Wendy’s lack of respect for proper workplace conduct is demonstrated by her own conduct in forcing a subordinate to have sex with her to keep his job.
  6. Kevin told Ms. Spence that she was not cute but in fact was “just Jamaican.”

Physical Threats and Acts of Violence

  1. Kevin has sought to enlist other employees, including Charlamagne, Wendy’s co-host.  He told Charlamagne to “get at her” to “get into that bitch’s head” to “fuck her” in order to “break her down physically and mentally” and to ensure she “did not forget where she came from.”  As well he told Charlamagne to “keep your foot on her throat.”
  2. Despite repeated acts of violence, WBLS not only did not take sufficient steps to prevent future acts of harrassment, but gave Kevin free reign over the studio.  At one point, he demanded that female interns, under the threat of termination, wear bathing suits in the workplace.
  3. A human resources representative admitted to personally hearing Kevin proposition Ms. Spence and warned her to watch for him.

Complaints and Unlawful Retaliation

  1. On February 20, 2008, Ms. Spence filed a written complaint with Human Resources.
  2. Immediately after, Ms. Spence’s desk was re-located away from the rest of the staff.
  3. Wendy refuses to work with, acknowledge or speak to Ms. Spence and rejects all the guests booked by her without explanation.
  4. In response to Ms. Spence’s continuing complaints, the VP and GM of WBLS instructed her to prepare a job description for her position.  After complying with the request, tasks have been systematically removed from her.

The entire document can be read here: Wendy Williams Court Documents

Miss NJ:  I really want not to believe this but it sounds way too real to be fake.  As someone who once called the EEOC, I know you don’t get to this place without taking a lot of abuse.  What all these black folks are thinking is beyond me, especially after the disgusting display the Knicks gave us.  You would think they would have sense enough to have dealt with this quietly and effectively.  Now all the dirty laundry is hanging out.  So who do you think Wendy forced to have sex with her?

from The National Ledger 


There were reports before Super Bowl XLII that if New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady completed the greatest season in NFL history with a win over the New York football Giants that he would propose to Supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen and they would head to the islands for a beautiful wedding.

Unfortunately for Patriots fans, those pesky New York Giants got in the way and won the game at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona 17-14 with a late fourth quarter touchdown.

So is that the reason that the two aren’t hitched?  Probably not.  A report from OK! Magazine examines it a little deeper and has this short item published this week on the would be husband and wife.

After more than a year of full-on-inseparable dating, Tom, 30, and Gisele, 27, have us wondering why they won’t get married.”  Here’s the answer, according to the magazine’s sources and it has nothing to do with the upset in the Super Bowl:  “Tom wants to wait until his son [John, with ex Bridget Moynahan] will understand what’s going on.”  A pal of the couple tell OK!  “He wants him to be a part of the wedding and make sure Bridget is on board.”

Miss NJ:  If this is really what he’s telling Gisele and she’s buying it, then models really are dumb.  His child is an infant, by the time he gets to “understanding” he’ll be what, 5?  As I type, I’m laughing at all the people out there who want to claim Brady is such a good guy.  He’s a typical dog, no better (or worse) than Derek Jeter.  The only difference is Tom hides his doggishness by serial dating.  Oh, and picture Bridget being on board.  Yeah, that’s gonna happen.


pic courtesy of

Miss NJ: I know I said no Paris unless she had something cute on, but this pic is more about the look on the little girl’s face.  I know I’m not the only one who thinks she looks like a hostage.  Like these are the pics for the press to let them know the prisoners are being treated well.



Miss NJ:  I will not only admit to watching the whole first season of Newlyweds, but I will also admit to being a bit jealous that Jessica had such a great guy.  You can say what you want about Nick, but he was a great husband.  It’s a shame that she allowed her father to destroy that marriage.  Moving on, I happen to think she and Tony Romo are a great fit.  He’s the quarterback and she’s head cheerleader.

from NY Daily News 


Is Beyoncé putting her ‘do before her fans? Spywitnesses on the set of “Cadillac Records” in Harrison, N.J., tell us that the diva, who plays Etta James in the flick, ignores kids who wait for hours to get her autograph and instead seems to concentrate on keeping her coif covered. Yes, it was drizzling out, but Knowles ran past cheering fans in a phalanx of bodyguards, all holding umbrellas over her. When she emerged later, she had a blanket over her head, says a source. Meanwhile, the spy adds, co-star Adrien Brody “goes out, talks to the kids, signs autographs and everything.”

Miss NJ:  I hope you can hear the dripping sarcasm in the title.  Also I intentionally chose that pic to illustrate her post-Dreamgirls boob job.  I thought she got the boobs done for the movie, but it looks like the surgery came after.  Anyway, this doesn’t surprise me.  I’ve never heard of her being accessible to her many fans.  I don’t understand how celebrities can be dismissive of the very people who put them where they are.  And I don’t understand why fans of these people put up with such behavior.

from the Daily Mail


Eddie Murphy has revealed the real reason he doesn’t want to have anything to do with his 11-month-old daughter Angel by Spice Girl Mel B – because he believes she trapped him into having a baby.

The Nutty Professor star claimed 32-year-old Mel insisted she was on birth control, and revealed they only had sex three times, according to a US report.

“What was supposed to be a casual relationship ended with her having his baby and taking him to court for millions,” a source told The National Enquirer.

Although Eddie accepts that Angel is his daughter, he has said that he won’t see the little girl, because he doesn’t want to set eyes on Mel.

A source said: “He says he will have to wait until Angel is older before he can get to know her without any interference from her mother.”

Secrets behind the couple’s doomed three-month fling have been revealed in legal papers in which Eddie, 46, states that Mel allegedly asked him for a $9million (£4.5million) house, plus living expenses for 18 years in exchange for her silence while she was pregnant.

But Eddie baulked at the demands and it is claimed he has since refused to see the baby and the Spice Girl.

Mel revealed she was pregnant just weeks after the unlikely couple split in the summer of 2006.

Ironically, Angel shares her birthday with her famous father. She was born April 3, 2007.

And ever since then the two have been entangled in a bitter child support battle.

Despite Mel’s public protests that Eddie won’t support Angel, the actor’s lawyers insist he paid Mel $15,000 (£7,500) per month and paid all her medical expenses during her pregnancy.

The source added: “He never thought things would end up like this”.

Miss NJ:  I don’t know if you’ve seen Tracey Edmonds lately but the gypsy curse that Johnny put on her seems to be working.  Mel better watch her step before Johnny gets some of her hair from Posh and makes a doll.