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Miss NJ:  I am amazed at how this chick stays relevant.  What does she do that she should be on the cover of King?  I definitely respect her game (remember, it’s not the player you hate).  Dudes lose their minds over this “old ho.”  Those are not my words, but I think they accurately reflect who Stacy is (and was).  And she gets no dap from me for being 42 and able to hang her ass out like that; mostly because none of the 42-year-old women I know would do this trifling ish.  Have we reached the point as Black women where we’re going to disrespect ourselves into our 40’s?  Pretty soon there’ll be Granny spreads for the hottest 65 year old.  Watch.

BK Diva:  Lawd have mercy!  King Magazine must be running out of women to feature dragging this old hoe out the wood works!  And when did Stacy get a ass like that……surgery must be nice!!!  Stacy please try between 45 – 48.  




Miss NJ:  The fakeness of her assets is not the topic of discussion here, but feel free to comment on it yourselves if you choose.  I’m more interested in this eyebrow phenomena that’s becoming more and more popular.  Why is her eyebrow arched like that?  Is it supposed to be attractive to look surprised all the time?

– from

Has-been comic Pauly Shore wants to be black!

Why? Well, here’s what he told a reader of (see the video below): “I need to be black, because if I was black, I’d be doing good. I mean, all the black comedians are doing good.

“You have [D.L.] Hughley, you have Monique, Cedric the Entertainer, Martin Lawrence, Charlie Murphy… Yeah, [Charlie’s] funny. But the reason why he’s even working is because what?”

Pauly, 40, has an answer to his own question: “White people are screwed. Especially in my industry, they’re screwed. White people are going to be picking cotton within, like, literally within three years.”

If that weren’t offensive enough, Pauly also drags presidential candidate Barack Obama into his rant: “Do you understand? If you look at their presidential race, right now, who’s their No. 1 candidate? Barack Obama, who is… black!”

Miss NJ:  I’m going to try and put the video up a little later.  I’m a bit busy now and can’t work with it.  Barack is really bringing all the hate to the forefront isn’t he?  All of sudden blacks have it good in America?  What-the-f*ck-ever.

UPDATE:  I could not get the video to play.  Sorry.

UPDATE II: Finally, the video.  This is a ridiculous rant that you have to see to believe.



Miss NJ:  I was not going to post this picture because I figured she had been talked about enough.  But this look is so worth a Bette that I had to say something.  My questions as I gaze upon this image: why do you have colored pony hair clipped in; why are you wearing $5.99 sunglasses from Wal-Mart, like they’re designer wear; why do you have red hot pants on; do you really need to show me all of your cleavage, perhaps a shirt in your size would have helped; and is there a reason for the clutter around your neck?  A suggestion for next time, if you are going to wear your hair that light, then you should also lighten your eyebrows.  It’s distracting and takes away from your face when you don’t.


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Miss NJ:  I realize that the white suit is a little blinding, but the more important question really is why he is in airport acting like he has someplace to be?  Do you think he knew the photograpers were there and decided to front?

Brooklyn Diva:  He’s surprised someone remembered his name!

from NY Post

Mario Lavandeira – better known as online gossip “Perez Hilton” – encouraged a handsome young blogger to sendsex tapes of himself while he was making promises of promotion for the blogger’s own fledgling Web site.

Jonathan Jaxson – a former publicist and founder of gossip site JJ’s Dirt – told Page Six he sent Lavandeira sexually explicit videos of himself with the hope of Lavandeira’s help, which never materialized.

“He would tell me he would give me stories for my blog,” Jaxson, 24, said of Lavandeira, 29. “He used me.”

We’ve obtained pages of lengthy AOL Instant-Messenger chats between Jaxson and “Perez Hilton,” who has risen to fame with his Web site, where he doodles on photos of celebrities accompanied by scathing insults.

The New York Times ran a gushing puff piece on “Perez” Tuesday, reporting he gets 2.8 million visitors a month and is in talks with Warner Music for his own label because he has such a great ear for new music.

In an exchange from Sept. 1, 2007, Lavandeira told Jaxson, “you should totally make a sex tape . . . (but not with me).” Jaxson wrote back, “I will have to make one on here for you tomorrow and e-mail it to you.” Lavandeira responded, “Hot! Do it now!”

The next afternoon, Lavandeira asked Jaxson, “When are you sending me that video you promised?” Jaxson responded, “If you do a phone blog with me for my blog . . . as if I am cold calling you in attempt to get advice for my blog. You can be totally rude. I don’t want others to know we talk.”

The next day, Lavandeira asked again, “Where is that video?”

Jaxson told Page Six he sent Lavandeira videos of himself masturbating and other forms of “sex videos,” but said he only met Lavandeira in person three times – once in Florida and twice in New York.

“I fell in love with Perez. I thought he had a huge heart . . . but he’s just a [bleep]hole,” Jaxson told us. “We started working together and communicating on how to make my blog bigger. Then it got more personal and intimate.”

Lavendeira had no comment.

Miss NJ:  Something about this story doesn’t feel right.  He waits until it’s annouced that Perez is being offered an A&R job.  These texts are from Sept. 2007.  This just looks like standard hate to me.

BK Diva:  Lover’s quarrel?  It’s a shame when it’s over how people want to put your business on blast.  Perez is a lil freak huh!

Miss NJ: If not, then why is this bitch on the pole?  It’s the Oscars!!!  See this is why white people don’t invite us nowhere.

BK Diva:  Oh, busted……you heard I’m giving lap dances in the Green Room?

We have been wanting to do this for a while now but this year’s Oscars have gotten us off out lazy asses because this tacky shit cannot go without us passing public comment.

You would think that since this was the first major Hollywood awards show (and no the Grammy’s don’t count), the stars would have done better.  It seems obvious that the stylists were not in the mood this year. 

 First up is this:

Miss NJ:  Am I the only one who feels like going to see the Wizard?

BK Diva:  Always a Brides Maid never a Bride!